RPG Infinite Links MOD APK 1.1.0g (Menu/Unlimited money/Unlocked)

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NameRPG Infinite Links APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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RPG Infinite Links is a fantasy world where charms wield tremendous power and are the source of the world. Many magicians use talismans as their weapons in battle. And for that same reason, it has so many different uses, including the way to make ancient forbidden arts. Many bad guys have devised a conspiracy to use talismans for evil purposes. They turn talismans into wide-area magic and attack many lands to destroy the current magical world. RPG Infinite Links takes players on the adventure of two brothers. Those two will be the key to saving the supernatural world.

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The story in RPG Infinite Links tells about two main characters. Also, two brothers, Kronos and Serene. The boy Kronos is an apprentice soldier in his home village. Someone who aspires to become a spellcaster. Serene is a little girl who always considers Kronos, her brother. Also, I followed and supported him from a young age until now. Together they passed many of the chief’s tests and were able to apply to become full-fledged wizards. But disaster happened when the enemies began to use spells to attack the row. Kronos and Serene have to migrate everywhere to escape and find new strength.

Players will participate in the journey of two brothers, Kronos and Serene. Travel to many lands in the magical world to meet many new characters. They will be your support to help unlock the power of the two brothers. Spells represent all. The ability of a bit depends on its design and color. During the adventure, you will collect a lot of essential charms. The type of spell will determine the strength of the two main characters in which occupation. Talisman is a dark force that manipulates bits that will not spare them. The only way left is to fight and rout them—rescue spells from the evil forces of darkness.

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Turn-based combat mechanics

In addition to the two main characters introduced, your journey in RPG Infinite Links will be much longer and more complex. That’s when you need the help of other supporting characters. They all come from different continents and have distinct personalities. Their role is also shown in each battle, such as becoming the shield of the whole team, magicians with significant damage, and assassins who move constantly and can hide… All the power comes From a variety of spells. A battle can be fought with up to 4 characters. Depending on the enemy you have to face, choose the formation accordingly. Continually support each other to win.

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Important plot interactions

Most of the characters in the game will talk to each other using regular dialog boxes. Tap the screen repeatedly to cycle through the dialogue. This is how players learn about the world in RPG Infinite Links. Most players will look to characters who can give them tasks to perform and receive rewards. The world in RPG Infinite Links spans many continents and countries, and the number of characters up to hundreds is entirely possible. A few characters may offer the player unique mechanics or hidden quests. With a reasonably low rate, and need your luck to meet them.

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Various challenges

Challenging terrain is no longer a worry in the game because you have a lot of vehicles to move. Or, most importantly, use teleportation to travel quickly and in no time. The world of RPG Infinite Links is divided into many lands. Each area has its terrain characteristics and many smaller battle areas. If you are adventurous, you will see dungeons with monsters and treasures inside. The realms of many mythical monsters such as dragons, unicorns, orcs… There are many levels, and they contain many magic stones and gems when defeated. To increase the whole team’s strength, you need to fight in such harsh areas.

RPG Infinite Links mod free

Perfect the power of the characters with magic from spells. The roots of the world’s magic lie within the charms, waiting for the player to collect for use. RPG Infinite Links contains a meaningful story about comradeship and family bonding. With all the tactics you have, it is possible to seize victory in the RPG Infinite Links mod.

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