Round x Bullet MOD APK 1.05 (Unlimited money, crystal)

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NameRound x Bullet APK
PublisherCuongbeo Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, crystal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Round x Bullet, the best shooting game of all time, features demons and heroes. Players accept challenges from opponents, chopping them until they have to give up. You disguised as a cute but not shy yellow duck. The opponents here are red and white demons; they can fly in the sky at different heights. In the dark dungeon, there’s plenty of space for them to fool you, be careful what’s going on. The player is alone to fight against those evil guys, no longer to escape. Pick up the gun, run smoothly on all roads, and shoot and defeat the demons.

Round x Bullet apk

Download Round x Bullet mod – The monster army is coming

This universe has begun to be invaded by unworthy forces. All activities seem to be disturbed and out of control with humanity. You are a golden duck, but your strength is like that of a mighty warrior, ready to fight in all arenas. No matter what the terrain in the dungeon is, you are willing to conquer it as quickly as possible. Monsters come with modern weapons; they can even fly, making it difficult for you to hit the first time. They have the right to shoot bullets from above to harm the player. This melancholy battle brings a lot of strong feelings; let’s wait and see. Be alert, recognize the situation and devise a strategy to deal with it.

Round x Bullet

The level of horror of the monster is also shown through each group. The higher the rank, the more Round x Bullet offers free matches. Monsters often appear densely, they are destroyed, but teammates do not. That is also why he is continually reincarnated as another being but is still passionate about killing humans. The situation is getting worse and worse; the conflict has not found any solution. The army of monsters will run to attack, finding all ways to surround players with a full road. Each scene is a different battle, but a steady state of mind must always be maintained. Don’t lose valuable opportunities in unfortunate circumstances.

Round x Bullet mod

Character upgrade

The golden duck tried his best to fight all the matches with you. In return, please give it a regular re-energized ride. Go into the machine, analyze and evaluate your character’s current state with various stats. Round, x Bullet, tells you how many swords, shields, and energy your character owns, especially health status. When the duck is full of energy as before, it works more matches on the same day. You should find a way to make your character a symbol of sniper shooting. Your level will be recognized through rankings and fierce battles.

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Protect multiple areas

This world needs warriors like you who have a strategy to find solutions. Your every action determines the fate of humanity. Many dungeons are opened, and all colors are soft purple, and fiery red. Almost every area has been blocked off by rival overdevelopment. Guardian angels also help you survive many heart-stopping battles. The cellar is increasingly expanding, creating the ideal space for action. The hidden humans are also restless with this enemy team, forcing you to take action. The monsters began to move, invading every nook and cranny. Take control of the direction and intelligent tactics to save the universe.

Round x Bullet mod apk

Top gun

The guns have been gathered by Round x Bullet into this collection. Players make conquests by winning opponents. Through each round, the enemy increases rapidly, and the shotgun is no longer practical, but must switch to the sniper rifle. This is also the weapon that makes you the safest and destroys the enemy faster. Every moment you raise your gun, your opponent must be wary. Knowing that the opponent’s bullet discharge system is automatic, so is the way of moving around. They can’t control themselves, so why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity to destroy them? So ice the ice on the steps in this vacuum and decisively shoot with enthusiasm.

Round, x Bullet and players, reach glory when completing the mission to protect the world. Where are your great moves? Bring them all out to initially scare the enemy. Each shot uses a large capacity, even the opponent invests. Each gun possesses dozens of functions; let’s explore it long to optimize that power. The ability to move smoothly scores, and the dungeon transitions are desirable. Wherever you go, defeat there without missing any opponents. Download Round x Bullet mod, fight shooting, and stay awake, and be ready to join the battle with the red monster.

Download Round x Bullet MOD APK (Unlimited money, crystal) for Android

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