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Try to get out of the room with everything you can find. That’s the whole content of the game Room Escape Contest 2. A new series of puzzles has been appreciated by many gamers recently. However, the theme of escaping from the room is familiar, both in the game and in real life. Up to now, this genre is still beautiful and is constantly evolving. The advent of a sequel in the Room Escape Contest proves it. What if you are new and don’t know anything yet. I will introduce you to this genre. Who knows, you will love and even indulge in escape puzzles. Let’s be locked up for now.

Room Escape Contest 2 mod

Download Room Escape Contest 2 mod – Puzzle to escape from closed room

The most crucial goal of Room Escape Contest 2 is to escape a room you are locked in. It’s still one of the things that made the previous installment so famous. Everything in the room won’t move, so you keep an eye on them. To get out, you need a key or a password. So, where to look for them? Go through everything in the room to find the necessary clues. The seemingly innocuous objects such as sofas, shoe cabinets, flowerpots… Hide a lot of clues waiting for players to find out. After finding enough, combine to create the final answer to the puzzle.

The only interaction the player can do in the game is tap the screen repeatedly. You need to click on locations in the room to look for clues. So we don’t need to manipulate complicated like other games. There is also no time limit for you to solve the puzzle. This means you can completely relax and look for puzzle clues. Although it seems very contradictory, it is highly reasonable. Hints in each level are different. So every time you escape a room is a whole new puzzle. Everything you just applied in the previous story will have no meaning in the next level. That brings newness and creativity without repeating.

Room Escape Contest 2 mod free

Various contexts

Not all rooms are exactly alike. Room Escape Contest 2 is a collection of many rooms with different architecture and arrangements of objects. This is understandable because it creates novelty. No one wants to have to escape two identical rooms. Instead, each object has a hidden clue in it. It could be the correct clue for you to solve, or it might have nothing to do with it. It would help if you searched for everything that exists in the room. Then arrange them and start the puzzle. If there are any clues left, there is still a chance that you will not be able to get out. Meticulousness is always essential and a top priority. How do you solve the puzzle?

Room Escape Contest 2 mod apk

How to combine clues

Clues that appear in Room Escape Contest 2 can be numbers or characters. They have a relationship with the device or hiding place the key you need to escape. Apply by trick or calculation according to a specific rule. In general, all will be suggested. Even the way to solve the puzzle will be recommended to help you get closer to the answer faster. Because without them, we would have to grope each hugely time-consuming possibility. Puzzles sometimes also involve patterns or arrangements of furniture in the room. There are many ways to associate puzzles with things to help you solve the puzzle smoothly and escape in the shortest time.

The atmosphere is tense

Maybe many people think it’s not essential, but the sound is part of what makes Room Escape Contest 2 more attractive and dramatic. Bring the atmosphere of tension when locked in a closed room. The setting is not night but still has a particular creepy atmosphere. It’s just a tiny part, but it immediately impacts the player experience. The feeling of searching for clues in objects. The closer you get to the answer, the more the music rushes and pushes to the climax. When you finally get out, it’s all over. It’s like an intense race against time. The moment you have exited will be one of the most satisfying stages of the game.

Room Escape Contest 2 mod apk free

Combine seemingly unrelated elements. 99key has created a version of escaping from a closed room that couldn’t be more amazing. The tradition of forcing players to search for clues and decipher them is a tradition that is now being expressed more deeply. The room Escape Contest 2 mod promises to be more popular and has more sequels. So go on a breathtaking and clever escape.

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