Robot Warfare MOD APK 0.4.1 (Menu PRO/Unlimited ammo/High damage)

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NameRobot Warfare APK
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited ammo/High damage
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Robot Warfare expands on robot warfare, and heroes integrated from modern elements have been discovered. They are not heroes with natural physiques and faces, but they make players attractive. The coolness of the machines makes you win every match, and any challenge you accept to join clears a big way to step forward. Players can’t wait any longer, all schedules have been set. Breathtaking appearances make everyone admire, and making such a mark is a success. Difficulties and thorns need to be handled. Will you take on this mission?

Robot Warfare apk

Download Robot Warfare mod – Control robots to fight

A fierce battle like this can’t be without you. The more extreme places you go, it’s a challenge and opportunity. Try your hand at big matches; open the door to accumulate loot if you beat them all. Everything has its price for you to conquer, and so does Robot Warfare. Take on the task of controlling the robot to go everywhere, explore the enemy territory and confiscate it. Players take their robots around and try many big and small battles so that they can be so experienced. For each situation, have your tactics. Otherwise, getting caught in the opponent’s trap is straightforward.

Robot Warfare android

Robot Warfare creates 25 robots for the player to manage. You can own them all, but you must meet the conditions and be able to train them. Every part is custom-made by you; they are preconfigured, and now, it’s up to you to play to your strengths. The colours of each warrior are interchangeable to create diversity. The wars have begun to multiply; the enemy has invaded your city. Every house is destroyed; what is left of it? Can it be restored? Those are all possible if the player is qualified enough to upgrade again. Use the skills of running, jumping, dodging and counter-attacking, flexibly combining.

Robot Warfare

Bring your teammates to battle

Robot Warfare allows ten robots to join the war at a given time. You don’t have to worry about choosing which warrior to go first, ultimately bringing out the whole team at once. Thus, your force is also powerful but requires high-level players. When the number of teammates is large, the pressure also grows, and entertaining many things is not easy. Invading enemy territory is also within your goal. Let’s divide the warriors in charge of each area and use the management system to run them all. The tactics have been set out, the human resources are solid and intellectual, and that’s just you.

Robot Warfare mod

Weapon control

The guns built into the robot are widely used. This is the fastest way to help you deploy your squad and reach many opponents. When bullets are fired with great fire, they will destroy the enemy. The robot’s two arms speout many shots and used them as cannon fodder. Beware of waves of enemy bullets; they fire rapidly to surround you. The game around at this time has heated up a lot; all obstacles have become immortal. Upgrade the gun system in each warrior, giving you a chance to conquer new weapons. Unique techniques are also included in the robot; many features need to be exploited by you.

Robot Warfare mod apk

Multiple combat environments

The scene is something you can easily observe and notice the difference. Each level is a new challenge point, gradually expanding into more territories. This place depends on the enemy; they must be erased from this land. Standing in the middle of an endless field, a deserted forest and then fighting in a house with many iron frames. The natural conditions are not necessarily in your favour; Robot Warfare will make everything switch flexibly. New swings are also updated regularly, opening up new levels of participation. Players overwhelm their opponents no matter what conditions they are in. Anywhere can be a gym the way you do it.

Robot Warfare is looking for a master’s in robot shooting. The machines operate under the player’s control, both challenging and fun. Mastering a quality robot squad is also tricky; you must find and understand your warrior. Good coordination among allies, unifying strategic views. The player can invade any enemy territory. Beware of big bosses; opponents surround you in a dangerous closed circle. Download Robot Warfare mod, exploit the robot squad in the wars to find peace for humanity.

Download Robot Warfare MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited ammo/High damage) for Android

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