Robot Super: Hero Champions 1.1.3 MOD APK (Unlocked all heroes)

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NameRobot Super: Hero Champions APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all heroes
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Robot Super: Hero Champions game with wars with robots. Start taking on each challenge and face off against a bunch of different robots, from characters appearing in comics and becoming talented superheroes. You will be participating in the battle, showing your power. Participate in each stage to become one of the best warriors. Make attacks, pit yourself against a bunch of other heroes. Robot Super: Hero Champions is a place for players to gain more combat skills. Confront a series of other robots, despite all the most dangerous opponents.

Robot Super Hero Champions mod apk

Download Robot Super: Hero Champions mod – Super hero power

Summon players to participate in each tournament to become robot heroes. Gather a multitude of different robots for the player to face off against a massive force. Power will be in your hands and proceed to a series of dramatic battles. Attacks in a row, resisting every counterattack. Robot Super: Hero Champions has been a game that attracts gamers and starts with many different battles, encountering countless robots. Make the enemy unable to fight back, draining force quickly. Robot Super: Hero Champions brings great battles to players, performing all attacks and quickly destroying enemies. As a warrior, you absolutely can do that. Use all force to make other robots fear.

Robot Super Hero Champions mod download

The enemy force is quite large, all are super robots. They can completely destroy you with just a few moves. Strength is the advantage so that each army will be more firmly daring to step towards all enemies. Not an ordinary robot that you have seen, their destructive power is immense. Quickly destroy a large team that is intent on doing evil things. Overcome everything to top the leaderboard. Challenge yourself with more attacks. Accompany warriors to achieve glorious victories.

Collect heroes

Hundreds of heroes will be present in Robot Super: Hero Champions. Players are entirely selected to come along with the challenges in the game. They all have pre-prepared, offensive moves in each battle. You are completely optional and with the robot on duty. Including robot spider-man, robot doctor… At the same time, Robot Super: Hero Champions also offers many extraordinary heroes. Upgrade each warrior to gain even more power. Attack the robot again and advance to the next level. Possessing powerful and powerful heroes, players will fight with them and defeat each opponent in the fastest time. Create an army force with the same goal and defeat the opponents.

Robot Super Hero Champions mod

Rotation luck

The lucky wheel with many special rewards is waiting for players. You will make spins and get more free coins and gems. At the same time, the opportunity to have more heroes is no longer too difficult. Every day, you can get the rewards that Robot Super: Hero Champions provides. It will depend on your luck to be able to get different items. Spider robots, gunners… will all be the core forces to accompany players to every battle. There are many ways for players to receive daily rewards. Enjoy battles under the participation of warriors with many unique skills.

Robot Super Hero Champions mod free

Duel with the bad guys

As one of the powerful heroes, you will have to face dangerous enemies. They will appear with very powerful abilities and attacks. You will need to be observant and have intelligent attacks. Quickly dodge their counterattacks. Perform multiple consecutive boxing combos on opponents. Incredibly epic battles, gathering robots and mighty heroes. Fight your way, show your skills and strength. Defeat all enemies, even the most dangerous bosses. Become one of the brave superheroes, against all forces.

The great battles in the history of heroes. Players will be heroic warriors, attacking an opponent. Summon more forces and make every opponent lose. Claim the power and enter the next level of play. Download Robot Super: Hero Champions mod pit against brave heroes.

Download Robot Super: Hero Champions MOD APK (Unlocked all heroes) for Android

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