Rise Up 200434 MOD APK (Unlocked)

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NameRise Up APK
PublisherSerkan Özyılmaz
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Rise Up is a moving ball control game. Open the barriers along the way to keep the ball safe so that the ball can travel further, to new paths. Players will get used to how to play from the first time they play. Let the ball fly high and get the highest score. However, the appeal of the game is to create challenges. There are always dangerous obstacles that will prevent the ball from rising. Players will need to control the ball and not let the ball fall into those hazardous objects. Rise Up is like letting you go back to your childhood days, making friends with balloons. Let’s start with the levels and get the highest score.

Rise Up mod

Download Rise Up mod – Control the balloons to fly high

Use only one finger to move the ball. How many balls did you break after the first level? Must have broken a few, right? That’s okay, that’s understandable when it comes to Rise Up. The way to play is not too difficult, but keeping the ball safely is not easy. Rise Up is one of those games that require concentration and ingenuity. Open the shield to create a dodge for the ball that the player owns. Rise Up brings a highly entertaining atmosphere, allowing players to immerse themselves in fun rounds.

Rise Up mod free

Players will be shown their ability to control the ball. Make each time the balloon is high and not fall into the obstacle. It will be inevitable that the ball will fall and lose. But don’t give up, keep playing to overcome all challenges. Let the ball get higher and higher and go further. Ball bursts may happen, regaining the spirit to start a new game. Control the ball to avoid those obstacles and get high results. Join Rise Up and start the rounds and challenges that await.

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Balloon selection

Including balls with different colors, players can choose their favorite ball. Rise Up provides a collection of balls to join the player to step into each level. Balloons with all colors will let you choose arbitrarily. Love balloons, Rise Up is a recommendation just for you. Together make the highest score with the balloon that the player controls. Own your many beautiful balloons and create new records.

One-finger control

The way to make the ball fly high, the player will control it with one finger. With just one finger, it will also make the balloon fly. It is not difficult to do, but getting a high score is not easy. Rise Up will also bring challenges through each game round, for you to be conquered. After completing each level, you will receive points for yourself. The higher the level, the more difficulty will also increase gradually. Players will need to focus and try their best to be able to pass in the fastest way. Come to Rise Up and perform control of the balloon through each obstacle.

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Challenge with friends

Challenge your friends through rounds. Show your level through each play to be able to win. There will be obstacles that you need to face, defeating other gamers. Create thrilling rounds, confront your friends. Together interact and set up the scores through each game screen. Start with Rise Up and clear the way to let each ball fly higher. Top the leaderboard and defy all opponents, don’t let others get over you.

Play with the balloon, pass all the obstacles to get the highest score. Rise Up will be a playground for you, setting new records. Experience with controlling the ball to fly high, challenge other opponents. Download Rise Up mod to play with colorful balloons.

Download Rise Up MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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