Recall 1.1d MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameRecall APK
PublisherKewlieo Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Recall is a game suitable for those who want to improve their memory. Combined with that, you also have to make battles to win the final. This adventure begins when you have everything ready, from looks to skills. Having a super memory will help quite a lot in this challenge. It’s also simple, match 2 similar objects, and you succeed. You must remember their location or not. Boost your brain activity, and improve memory significantly after just a few initial plays. Act, seize every opportunity, and do not let loopholes happen. Otherwise, the opponent will have the opportunity to counterattack.

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Download Recall mod – Special super memory game

The weapons were jumbled together, they were covered with a layer of stone. Your task is to flip each of those squares up, remembering the position of the swords. Players keep opening those secret boxes continuously, if they see any weapon that has appeared in their memory, search again. Get the proper sword that you used to flip, when two similar items appear simultaneously, you succeed. There are about 25 secret squares on the screen, your task is to conquer the same items, each with two similar pictures. During the draw the chance of getting power energy is high. Accumulate those to serve your challenge process.

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Recall will fight each other in turn, you than your opponent and vice versa. Each person has a certain number of turns, use them up without conquering the same items, then you lose. The weapons you find will help the subsequent or immediate damage. Everything is in your favor so take full advantage of your own advantages. The fighting opportunity is not much, so don’t miss it if you don’t want to be counterattacked by the opponent. They have pre-arranged battlefields, you have to participate in guessing what they mean. The evil plots will be unfolded gradually, following the increasing level you will feel more clearly.

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Customize your warrior

Each player has the right to choose their character. When you own a warrior, you can customize their appearance, from hair to clothes. They will look cooler in armor with powerful weapons. Archer, Warrior or Axeman will be a trio of cult characters you can conquer. Each warrior has different trophies, which will show their strength. All costumes and weapons you are responsible for purchasing for the heroes. Use the money you earn after each match to do that. If you want your hero to fight confidently, you should do it. Give the most complete look before entering the next match.

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Flip open each lockbox

Recall has arranged different levels for players to take on the challenge. You must win the previous round to unlock the next game. Each terrain will have a different design, memorable battles do not overlap. In any game screen that has to fight the boss, it is annotated on the doors, this helps the player prepare the mood beforehand. In each match, you get stars and will rate high or low scores. Up to 3 stars for you are displayed after each play ends. Gradually increase the level over time, put yourself in a difficult position to see what level is at and try.

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Defeat the monster

In simple challenges without a boss, you can be gentle but don’t be subjective. Because of turn-based combat, you can’t predict anything. Players need to show their strength through each turn, not having to yield to anyone. Fight monsters by combining weapons that you collect through memory challenges. Sharp bows and deadly swords will be enough to make this battle explosive in its way. Increasingly improve his memory so as not to be weak before the opponent. Successfully conquer bosses, open the way to fight for yourself, and defeat opponents.

Recall gives you an epic battle space, heavy opponents appear in special episodes. Players can unlock characters and weapons, choosing the best for the warrior. Be careful in every step with the opponent, must be the winner against them. You start memorizing the weapon’s position when the puzzle pieces are flipped open. Try to conquer the energy potions to double your strength. The upgrade card system is always waiting for you to unlock, get it as soon as possible. Download Recall mod and challenge over 100 levels with a memory improvement game.

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