Real Boxing 2.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited coins)

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NameReal Boxing APK
PublisherVivid Games S.A.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Real Boxing opens a boxing competition with opponents. One of the sports for those who want to show their strength. Real Boxing will give players an excellent membership, starting with dramatic competition screens. Confront each opponent and quickly win. Use all your strength to be able to defeat the opponent, do not let them resist. Fight to be the champion, dare to challenge every boxer. Come to Real Boxing and enter the match, achieving high achievements. Create a series of powerful punches, causing the opponent to lose.

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Download Real Boxing mod – Boxing boxers in the vibrant arena

Want to participate in boxing battles with many people. Real Boxing will be the game for you to do that. Come to the big arena and appear to be a talented boxer. Has extraordinary strength and can attack with skillful movements. Players will enter every round of competition, meeting other fighters. Try to complete the contest well and bring home the victories for yourself. Show multi-talented fighting skills, able to withstand other influential people. Start entering the levels, perform warm-ups and work together to make miracles. Compete in the arena with enthusiastic cheers from the fans. Join the exciting atmosphere and fight hard.

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Gather a large number of participating boxers. You will be one of the members entering those matches. Confront the opponent by using consecutive punches. Do not allow them to counterattack, implement techniques in each style of play. This can be considered a battle of strength between players. To be one of the best players. To be present in a large, international arena. Even if you do not have too much knowledge about this subject, you can still participate. Causing the opponent to fall and not be able to get up. Fight to stay at the top of the leaderboards.

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Professional boxer

Let’s equip the boxer to be displayed with a different and most professional image, from the appearance to the accompanying costumes. Change up the fashionable hairstyles, add some tattoos to make them stand out. Prepare the necessary items to start the competition. Two indispensable tools are gloves and shoes. The glove will be the only weapon to create punches with you. With the character warm-up before the match, get in the best spirit. Use many clever tactics to be able to defeat all other opponents. Enter the game with a steady and confident attitude. That is also the key to winning. Players can customize the character at will, making it look like a real boxer.

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Boxing with opponents

Convergence of 30 different martial artists, each with a unique ability. Each match will meet an opponent and compete for victory. They make powerful and fierce attacks. They will do whatever it takes to make you lose, causing difficulties to destroy you. To be able to attack, do not simply use punches. It is more important to know how to combine with techniques in fighting styles. Learn how to dodge attacks and take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses to attack. Through each opponent will bring players many different lessons. Gain more experience in each round. Use all your strength to weaken the opponent’s physical strength.

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Various venues

Present in prestigious arenas, invested in quality facilities. It can be said that this is one of the unique international matches. Not only stopping there, but Real Boxing also gives you access to beautiful beaches. There can also be fierce competition rounds. Bring a lot of emotions to yourself as well as the viewers here. There are game modes for each match, offering challenges to conquer. The higher the rounds, the more challenges you will face. Boxers will also have special abilities and more muscular stamina. Increase the drama and competition in each of these matches. Download Real Boxing mod to become a talented boxer, participate in boxing.

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