Puppet Boss 1.1.7 MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets)

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NamePuppet Boss APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Learn about the four characters in the protagonist’s life at Puppet Boss. It would be strange if a dating simulator didn’t let you decide your actions. Puppet Boss tells the story of a character with a gender of your choice. Along with four other characters, revolve around their daily lives. Gradually connect and create a close relationship with the characters. There may come a moment when feelings will arise. The story begins when you are taken to a strange house. Here four characters appear with no specific purpose. And that’s how Puppet Boss starts to take you into exciting moments.

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Download Puppet Boss mod – Interact to create good memories with the characters

Chatting with the characters is something you will have to do in Puppet Boss. I’ll figure out what’s going on in this world. You are a director of a company reluctantly partnered with four mysterious characters. They both want to work for you to build lasting relationships. Things won’t be so simple when you don’t accept that. Instead, create a lot of funny situations that take place. Over time, you will have a certain comfort with them. Move towards exchanging and communicating with the four characters more often. There are complete tools to do this, just like in real life.

When you’re in a conversation, you get to choose what you will say. It is when the characters ask a specific question or voice their opinion. The choices shown on the screen are different ways of answering. Depending on how you answer, the opponent will have different reactions. It may be easier for them to get closer to you or try to distance themselves from you. If you want something to happen to you, behave according to the situation best. There is no right or wrong choice, and it’s your way of playing. However, if you do not want to end up with the wrong choice, you can play again to give a different opinion.

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Distinctive character personality

Four characters are the whole point of Puppet Boss because they will always be in contact with you. You have time to chat and interact with them at various times. Someone will help you with your work early in the morning. Someone asked you out on a romantic evening. All 4 of these characters have relationship stats that you create for them. The numbers will increase and decrease depending on how you talk and act. The ending will be up to you to choose who you want to be with the most. There is only one option for you to consider and eliminate the rest. Or what do you want is an entire life next to everyone?

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Connect by any means

The main characters are four supporting characters who are all human in ordinary life. They will have a job and, of course, a way to communicate. Use the main character’s smartphone to exchange contact numbers for all four characters. We can call or video call one of those characters at any time of the day. This is the most prominent and influential way to build rapport quickly. Sometimes you and the characters will send interesting pictures to each other. Create appointments to invite them out. Accept requests that are somewhat cute and stubborn. The four characters all have social media accounts for you to access and view daily posts.

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Diverse story system

Puppet Boss is built by a list of interconnected main stories. Meeting and working with the characters is your central part of the game. Each chapter will be equivalent to an important date or account. Rest assured because their number is enough for you to experience for a long time. Moreover, each chapter has different result branches depending on your choice. A perfect non-linearity and a must in any dating game. Besides the main story, there are equally beautiful side stories. Here are events related to the past or strongly affecting the present personality of the four characters in the game.

Overall, Puppet Boss is an easy game to play, of course, because it’s just interaction and decision-making. The difficulty of it is how to get to the desired ending. When nothing happens, you are forewarned. Everything will be entirely unexpected to bring genuine emotions to players. Create a strange relationship with four fascinating characters. Discover the story behind it and freely choose your ending in Puppet Boss mod.

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