PugWars MOD APK 1.4.29 (Immortal/Free shopping/Unlocked all)

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NamePugWars APK
MOD FeaturesImmortal/Free shopping/Unlocked all
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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PugWars always thrills you with moments of struggle between pug and blue cats. You control your character in the fastest way, combining shooting talent. But, of course, you always have to invest in handling situations in the arena, which mainly occur on the street. Large space for you to unleash with all talents, go to many places to conquer enemies. Depending on each situation, you have a different way of dealing with your opponent. It is impossible to stop early in this race, always keep your dog alive. Take advantage of every moment to loot the items you want, exchange for many new guns to experience.


Download PugWars mod – Shooting to resolve conflicts

The animals think they are inanimate, but they also have their own awareness to protect their lives. You are the facilitator so they do it in a safer and smarter way. For example, in PugWars mainly used guns, all kinds for you to use on the street. Here, enemies are everywhere, you need to have a panoramic view. Do not be too hasty in certain decisions, being careful will save your life longer. Solve by meeting face to face, confronting like that to see who will be stronger. Of course, you must always prove your true ability with the gun, not an easy force to bully. The blue cats have the right to catch you, so avoid them.

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Models of houses on the street are arranged randomly, high and low buildings are messy. The important thing you need to do is use the terrain to hide or openly when fighting the enemy. The turning points are done in the most thoughtful way, you will be surprised by the ability to counterattack from the opponent. The two are also fighting for life, there is no giving in. Innovate the way you play for yourself to get even more valuable rewards. You are like doing a top-notch hunt, chasing quickly to get a safe foothold. How long can you last this action adventure?

PugWars mod

Change the gun

Specialized guns are all collected by PugWars and put on the same list. This variety gives you more options in the process of fighting. Bringing to the show the smell of guns, flexibility in the way of controlling guns. Rifles, shotguns, long guns are all used, flexible in any situation that you encounter. When upgrading, those weapons are also improved. They have the most complete appearance and power to make you feel strong in front of your opponents. You should change guns continuously to bring different experiences, feel the strongest gun to maintain long-term, focus on advancing for that weapon.

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Car theft

Your dog acts on the road, moving with his feet long distances will get tired. To overcome this, PugWars makes cars available on the road for you to take ownership of. Players are completely free to conquer vehicles, even police cars you can steal. Just remove the person in the car and you can control it, go anywhere you want. The speed of each vehicle is not too different, depending on your driving level. Climbing on the cars is also how you create a temporary shield against the opponent’s bullets. You can change any vehicle, just successfully steal it and use it as your product.

PugWars mod apk

Huge space

In a city divided into many areas, PugWars has invested in authentic design. The walls will be a safe haven for players. Going to every nook and cranny, finding an opponent and performing sniping and sniping is also a good method. Enemies can even fly into the sky thanks to the parachute system, so raise your gun and shoot properly. The streets are wide to welcome talented people like you, you can stop anywhere. Drive to many new lands, flat or with lots of bends. The colors of the buildings are also extremely eye-catching, adding to the appeal. Enough space for you to carry out the most fiery conflicts.

PugWars is a place for pug dogs to fight blue cats, which are considered dodgy cops. You perform these actions to gain sovereignty. You have to be really alert to the wrath of your opponent, they can do anything. All criteria for shooter gamers you should own. The ability to manipulate the terrain combined with the skill of observing the enemy always gives you good results. Actively looking for enemies, ready to destroy in any situation. Download PugWars mod, control pug dogs to participate in the ultimate shooting battle.

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