Protectors 0.0.61 MOD APK (Unlimited ammo)

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NameProtectors APK
PublisherVasily Fomin
MOD FeaturesUnlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Instead of playing, you can entertain at home with video games. In particular, the shooting genre can bring refreshing moments for you. Protectors is one of the very hot shooting games today. The game has a very unique and new future earth context. Many modern guns are invented and operated with fantastic energy for you to use. You can also transform into many strong and resilient heroes. The beautiful and diverse battle arenas also attract many players to participate. Are you ready to join in the most epic battles on the planet?

Protectors mod

Download Protectors mod – Fight aliens with modern guns

In the future, the world’s leading scientists have found a powerful energy source in the heart of the earth. Since then, they have invented modern guns that have never been seen before. At the same time, an alien force is gradually invading the world. They can imitate humans from appearance to gestures, actions and words. Thanks to this ability, aliens came to earth and infiltrated human life. The plot of these wicked people is to capture and establish control over the abundant energy of the planet.

Protectors mod download

When entering the game, you will play as one of the unique heroes. You will have to destroy opponents who look like you or other heroes. Underneath their cover is the aliens. Players will rely on the colour of the name on the character’s head to distinguish where the enemy is. The player controls the characters’ buttons to move, aim, and shoot during the battle. Depending on the character you choose, you will use a separate gun. The game takes place from a third-person perspective, so you will quickly observe everything. For example, there are many bends, turns, and vehicles lying on the road to hide in the city.

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Gunner hero

There are dozens of powerful and talented heroes to choose from in Protectors. The first hero that will accompany you in the game is Kim. Then, during the game, you will continue to unlock more and more characters. All heroes have their unique powers. They also use a particular type of gun. They show their full fighting ability. For example, the character Vika uses a shotgun, and the command is more supportive than attacking. Vika and all other heroes need you to upgrade to become stronger. If they are not elevated, it will be challenging to cope with the complex tasks.

Protectors mod apk download

Lots of interesting modes

Usually, a game will have three to four modes. However, Protectors has up to ten game modes. You did not hear wrong. All ten modes in the game are extremely well designed and attractive, making every player want to play all ten modes. Besides the main game modes, the game also has a lot of exciting events held regularly. Each event has different ways of participating and rewards. You can also join in shooting tournaments to compete with other shooters. Finally, show off your genius moves, hiding and aiming skills.

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Challenge all opponents

When participating in Protectors, players must play PVP 4v4 gunfight. Why? Because you will be fighting with opponents and teammates who are real players. They can come from anywhere in the world. You will not be able to guess whether the opponents are strong or not, many good shooting skills or not? You don’t even know what your teammates are like? So each battle is filled with surprises and improvisations. Joining this mode also allows you to learn from other players. In addition to PVP, Protectors also has an equally attractive PVE mode. A lot of missions with countless challenges are waiting for you.

Protectors mod free

The future of the earth depends on the heroes. Fight now to stop the alien invasion plot. Move quickly and skillfully on any terrain to minimise being attacked by opponents. Aim accurately at the enemy and fire until they fall. This game not only promotes fighting skills but also promotes teamwork. Team battles need solidarity and mutual support. Stand up to command everyone and develop the most effective attack strategies. Download Protectors mod to transform into brave heroes and experience the feeling of professional shooting.

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