Prince of Persia MOD APK 1.4.0 (Menu PRO/Unlocked item)

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NamePrince of Persia APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlocked item
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Prince of Persia, a highly adventurous adventure has appeared, and the journey to conquer diamonds begins. It’s simple; you need to touch the screen, jump up and collect those valuable green stones. Each time you accumulate, the number of points increases; let’s make it constantly change. Thanks to that resounding victory, you achieve high achievements, unlocking new levels. An Aboriginal man is on a quest this time. Will you be with him? Possessing a muscular, majestic body, weighing all types of races. Of course, this adventure is only running and jumping; you need nimble, agile hands and precise alignment of angles.

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Download Prince of Persia mod – Make jumps despite death

Death appears everywhere on the way; if you are not careful, just falling once is enough to spend your life. Your life is limited, so take advantage of the chance you have. Don’t be too subjective when doing easy challenges at the beginning. It’s bait for players to discover; stay awake to watch out for those who want to harm you. Destroying the enemy is also the player’s task this time, daring to confront the evil bosses. They are like death gods, wanting to bring death to you. It is a gift that no hero wants to receive, wants to return to the bad guys.

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The hero’s acrobatic skills are worth exploring. At your fingertips, it can be controlled; his life also depends on the level of the player. It is also the deciding factor on whether you can fly far or not or stop at one screen forever. You have the right to play again if you fail, but try not to let it happen again and again. Patience every time you play also determines your character’s fate. Prince of Persia requires high accuracy because just one mistake of your hand also leaves terrible consequences. Focus on the challenge times; the jump should be promoted. Your every move is carefully observed and evaluated.

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The power of time

A unique feature that the Prince of Persia wants to give you is the ability to restore life. To do that, you will use the hourglass to turn the time from when you fell off the cliff. In those times of failure, you have the right to return to an average body within three times. To own these powerful hourglasses, you should work hard to fight and win. The power of this time will help you refine your strategy on the field without the need for an initial warm-up. Rewind it slower than a few seconds ago and start the conquering journey again. One more chance to live is to open up hundreds of new challenges.

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Dark cave

Players take the hit on many fronts, mainly taking place in caves. Colorful palaces are now covered in darkness as well. This city can be restored entirely if you join the war. The bridges and traps that the Prince of Persia has created will be a significant challenge. This signals that you are about to face a monster boss. Jumping over traps or doing a long endurance run will help you stay in shape. Many dangers lurking, both inside and out, terrify you. The darker you are, the more excited you want to challenge yourself. This adventure has begun; why not explore the entire map?

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Item unlock

Your character will not have enough stamina if you just run. Instead, you have to consider further options to meet a formidable opponent. You can’t just hit giant bosses with bare hands or a jump. Additional items such as weapons are the best thing for you to be more confident in your journey. The adventure also brings this prize if you look hard. The hero’s basic skills, such as acrobatics and running, need the help of power energy. Many rugged terrains make maker the body unable to support the target. Upgrade the best for your warrior.

Prince of Persia takes your hero around the vast palace. Magnificent buildings appear, but the majesty is only temporary. Wherever you go, it collapses, so the bosses have to show their faces. You are also chasing them, taking the victory to go further. There are many obstacles and challenges, but you can get by with additional support. Prepare mentally and physically for the most spectacular running. Download Prince of Persia mod, and defeat the giant boss with many skills, including acrobatics.

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