Potion Punch MOD APK 7.1.4 (Unlimited money)

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NamePotion Punch APK
PublisherMonstronauts Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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What’s it like to own a magic potion shop? Just heard it and found it attractive and attractive. If you also want to have these experiences, then come to Potion Punch mod. This virtual world will allow you to become a master mixologist with a drug store of your own. The game is a ticket that takes you back to the fairy world of your childhood. Meet dwarves, elves, and countless other exciting characters. Accomplish tasks and requests from customers. You will have to create growth for the drug store in your hand and expand your reputation globally. With the help of the old magician will undoubtedly get the desired results.

Potion Punch mod

Download Potion Punch mod – Dive into the drug trading system

Becoming a drug store owner is no longer a distant dream. Potion Punch made it a reality. Here players will have to perform many different jobs. But it is also an opportunity for you to meet and serve many classes of customers in the fairy world daily. Not just one but many different types of customers with unique needs. As an owner, you need to know how to meet the needs of your guests. Potion Punch builds gameplay similar to the current cooking games on the market. Therefore, you will feel it is very familiar and easy to grasp.

Potion Punch mod apk

With Potion Punch, players don’t simply solve drug-related problems. Various other challenges in cooking, restaurant management, or bartending are at your fingertips. With colorful and attractive 2D images, it has created an attractive and attractive space for players. The characters also have their diversity. They make the world in Potion Punch more vibrant and bustling. Interacting with many characters with different looks and personalities helps players become flexible and responsive. Many challenging levels with increasing difficulty will help you to improve your skills. Do not forget the powerful help of the old magician in times of deadlock and difficulty.

Potion Punch mod download

Discover the colors

Colors play a significant role in Potion Punch. It helps you create a lot of eye-catching products. And this is also one of the requests from customers. Players will own in their hands all kinds of water with all the primary colors. From green, pour, purple, yellow, black, and white. They are the basis of many other colors. Through mixing and matching, players will give birth to new colors. You will make them according to the customer’s request. Initially, these requirements were relatively simple and unchallenged. But later, it gets more complicated. Pay attention to the wizard’s instructions. You will be able to meet the requirements and limit the spillover.

Potion Punch mod android

Satisfy your customers

Serving customers is never easy. Especially in the world of Potion Punch. Store customers can be anyone. Humans, elves, witches, or even wandering ghosts. Each guest has a unique need. They want to get the request quickly, without having to wait long. Your mission is to satisfy your customers. This is how you will get the income and improve the store’s reputation.

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Upgrade and expand the store

Business needs and activities are growing day by day. Players need upgrades and expansions to keep up with demand. Spending money to buy more preparation tools and expanding the kitchen are all necessary activities. They will help the store’s service capacity to be more efficient than before. Download Potion Punch mod to manage the drug store in their way and strive to become a master mixologist.

Download Potion Punch MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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