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Pokémon-themed games are always well-received around the world. Today we will learn about Pokémon, a game dedicated to a species of the same name, and its journey. That’s Magikarp, the legendary Pokemon that every generation of fans knows about. And in Pokémon, we will find out what it would be like if all the Pokemon in the world were Magikarp. A lot of fun and funny games await you around this familiar creature. Because everyone knows its shape is quite amusing based on a goldfish. Train the fish, fight, or jump as high as possible. Dozens of fun activities for you to do with this goldfish.

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Since the current Pokémon world is all Magikarp, we won’t be able to witness top-notch battles between many other Pokémon species. Instead, there are daily activities with this goldfish. First, you get yourself any Magikarp. Then try to train it to fight even though they are entirely useless. But somehow, Magikarp will continue to grow. Of course, they won’t evolve into Gyarados since this is a game about Magikarp. After reaching a certain level, you will bring your Magikarp to challenge other Pokémon trainers. With the new power unlocked, Magikarp will make you extremely surprised by its fighting ability.

Besides the annual tournaments, Magikarp also appears everywhere. They are displayed in large numbers in cities, parks, and rivers. Magikarp has become a true icon in this world of Pokémon. Only at a minimal frequency will we encounter other Pokémon. They only play the role of NPCs and do not participate in battles. Instead, these creatures assist and guide you on what to do in the game. Also, introduce exciting activities that we talk about a lot. Your Magikarp will have no level cap and continuously increase through exercise. That’s for the sake of getting you unexpected rewards.

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Explore the fun town

The original version inspires Pokémon Town of the anime and popular games. Players quickly realize that there are many Pokémon of famous trainers. Pokémon-related souvenir shops. Infirmaries for healing and recovering pokemon after many dramatic battles. The most attractive and prominent is the Pokémon arena, where anyone can register to compete. There is a full range of tournaments for amateurs and professional coaches. Each is more than enough to explore a vivid Pokémon world like previous works. And the most important thing is that Magikarp will appear almost everywhere.

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Looking for rare versions

As we all know, Magikarp has a base color of red. But other sessions demonstrate its rarity. For example, the Shiny Magikarp version with gold color symbolizes the sparkling beauty of gold. Or different colors like gray, pink, find… Match the style and gender of the coaches. They appear in abundance in the rivers along the town. Players can come and fish these Magikarp as their companions. And the type of bait used for fishing is Pokeball. An extremely humorous connection that the developer has inserted into Pokémon. It’s the same way we usually catch Pokémon in the game.

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Take part in the high jump competition

It is also one of the most popular contests in Pokémon town, in which the player chooses the Magikarp with his most extensive stats. Note that only Magikarp is eligible to enter this contest. You will compete with others and make your Magikarp jump as high as possible. Provide it with nutritional supplements. Buy them in the store for a low price or get them from Pokémon upgrade bonuses. At the start of the competition, press and hold to reach the top of the thrust bar. Then your Magikarp will jump up a certain distance. This game is considered better and more attractive than any competition in Pokémon.

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Magikarp has wholly invaded the Pokémon world, everywhere, just Magikarp and the activities beside them. Pokémon is copyrighted directly by the famous brand of the same name. Focus on one species, Magikarp, to build a fantastic world of adventure around it. Are you ready for a trip to the town of Pokémon mod but full of Magikarp? Guaranteed you will have a funny and fun experience.

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