Pixel Hero: Roguelike 1.2.3 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/Immortal)

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NamePixel Hero: Roguelike APK
PublisherArarat Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money/Immortal
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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With a combat and survival experience where the player himself plays as a boy character using all kinds of fighting moves. The role-playing game of adventure and combat combined with survival is Pixel Hero: Roguelike. The journey to conquer all game levels confronts many powerful monsters rushing to eat the game player’s character. Try it when you are in an incredibly tragic situation. The difficulty comes continuously and relentlessly in this Pixel Hero: Roguelike role-playing game. Ambitious with every destination and adventure journey. Try to make yourself as safe as possible for every moment that passes. Boost your spirits and entertain with this particular game.

Pixel Hero Roguelike mod android

Download Pixel Hero: Roguelike mod – Join the survival in many lands

A game built hero characters fighting in many lands. This Pixel Hero: Roguelike role-playing game is made in exciting pixels. Are the game players confident that they can fight and survive? Get ready to jump right into these fighting role-playing game levels. Everywhere you go, there will be things that are extremely dangerous for the game character. Game players will find it extremely cute with the hero character style. Get ready to go ahead and take on the mission to destroy all the evil monsters. You can’t let these evil monsters cause more pain. The game players will role-play, participating in combat in the game.

Pixel Hero Roguelike

Win and stop all the monstrous monsters from multiplying further. Find entertainment while achieving worthy glories with Pixel Hero: Roguelike game. Explore and become a saviour of a vast land. The challenge is still waiting for more new game players to fight. The gameplay is simple, but it gets progressively more complex over time. It’s good to use movement skills and use equipped combat skills. All these obnoxious monsters must be destroyed under the blade and the player’s superhuman fighting skills.

The zombies are constantly besieging

With different game screens, players still have to fight constantly. At this Pixel Hero: Roguelike superhero role-playing game. The monsters will surround in a circle and attack in turn. The players of the game have to fight these obnoxious monsters. They constantly cover and attack the game player in various ways. Add more difficulties and challenges to Pixel Hero: Roguelike game players. Passionate about enjoying the game when overcoming the siege of monsters. Extremely addictive game with dynamic game players defeating monsters. Tiny demons will rush out to attack the game player’s character. It was very crowded, and finally, the mother monster appeared, trying to swallow everything.

Pixel Hero Roguelike mod

Skills and advancement levels

The player plays the role-playing game with each hero in combat and survival. Game players will be equipped with several combat weapons and magic skills. The game players will learn to get used to and gradually master the ways of fighting when they are familiar with the operation of the game skill Pixel Hero: Roguelike. Game players will constantly fight and level up the game character when the game player’s character reaches a particular level number milestone. The game’s system will display the combat skills the player will be given. Upgrade your combat skills even further to increase the monster’s attack power. Defeat and survive under siege of powerful monsters that attack turn-based quickly.

Pixel Hero Roguelike mod apk

Game lands

Get ready to advance to new levels of gameplay with more challenge and difficulty. Confidently prepared to fight with the skill system learned after each battle. Along with the role-playing character, fight to conquer all the lands where monsters exist. It is always necessary to upgrade skills to compete with the mother monster. Every battleground where monsters exist will be an exciting challenge. Add even more reverence and entertainment to the Pixel Hero: Roguelike role-playing game.

Pixel Hero Roguelike mod apk free

Accompany by more than ten powerful heroes that are gradually given to players. Discover more combat skills, as there are more than 50 special skills. Download Pixel Hero: Roguelike mod to participate in the role of a guy fighting for survival when surrounded by attacking monsters.

Download Pixel Hero: Roguelike MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/Immortal) for Android

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