Pick It Up 3D MOD APK 1.8.1 (Menu PRO/Unlimited money)

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NamePick It Up 3D APK
PublisherVNG Game Publishing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Pick It Up 3D needs you to join to help a guy find his lost wealth. You will operate on the land of Nautiverse, a strange place you have never visited. You were once a super-rich billionaire, enjoying everything in this life quickly. But luck does not smile on you, making the character become the injured person in the car accident. It is for this reason that you seem to have lost everything, the empty journey has come. But there will still be a way to solve it, players come here to support their character. So, together with the guy, they find the old wealth and grow more and more.

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Download Pick It Up 3D mod – Carry out the delivery mission

Pick It Up 3D will give you the challenge of becoming a professional shipper. With the delivery mission everywhere, you will receive a bonus if successful. The money starts to accumulate, and you keep getting richer every day. Delivery progress from easy to the complex is shown by the route you travel. Explore many ways to become rich, carry out new projects like business, buy land, build towers, and much more. Expand your fortune quickly to regain the wealthy youth of the past. The journey to collect money goes smoothly or not, thanks to the player’s driving skills.

Packages are delivered in turn to the recipient, the distance is flexible at each level. Challenges come to you most randomly because Pick It Up 3D installs an automatic transformation system. Speed ​​is the deciding factor in how long you can conquer the distance. Show off your mastery skills now, unofficially on the track against other enemies but beat yourself up. I need to improve more skills to make the delivery process more convenient. Successfully overcome obstacles, ensure the package is delivered to the customer’s hand intact, then receive the bonus.

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Explore the collection

Pick It Up 3D has prepared a collection of ships and outfits for the shipper. Players can conquer items here to change their character. You only need to spend a small amount of money or reach a high level to own those accessories. Choose from a regular motorbike shaped like a hamburger and then a quaint four-wheeler. Change the wind with eye-catching outfits, replacing the usual helmet. It is up to you to decide, s how you shape feel free to be creative. The more you stand out, the more you feel excited, and taking on the challenge is more exciting. From an ordinary shipper, you wear a rich suit when you are rich enough.

Pick It Up 3D mod apk

Show your car driving skills

How do you show your skills to conquer goods on the road? Use all the shortcuts to control the car and bonbon on the road without any obstacles. Significant car tilt and launch at high speed but with control. All those levels are cultivated daily, the story is shown in the advanced round. Hundreds of groups are created, you only need to win the first step to be considered unlocked for the next game. Just confidently show off your personality and quality on this track. The road is broad; you walk alone, so show it off. Constantly improve your driving ability, and become a talented driver.

Pick It Up 3D mod

Diverse roads

Pick It Up 3D design asphalt road with black background dotted with white lines. The drawing is like the road out of the real thing, this realism deserves a plus point. There are many sharp turns on the road, so you have to steady the steering wheel. Moving at high speed isn’t accessible if you do not react to this challenging road in time. Turning left or right is up to you; each direction gives you a new path. In addition, to be more complex, there are many obstacles. Dodge them; just a slight collision is considered game over. Either flat road or uphill is available; enjoy.

Pick It Up 3D explores packages on a strange island. You are lost in an unknown place with empty hands. The player begins the task of re-planning the character’s development. You need to earn a lot of money to help the guy regain his old magnificence. Just work hard to deliver and not have an accident on the road to success. Move at speed to reach the finish line as soon as possible, overcoming hundreds of difficulties. Upgrade your vehicles, costumes, and skills to advance at high levels. Download Pick It Up 3D mod and fulfilling your desire to rebuild your prosperous empire.

Download Pick It Up 3D MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money) for Android

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