Petown MOD APK 1.0.0 (Menu PRO/Immortal/VIP)

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NamePetown APK
PublisherLAU Game Studio
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/VIP
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Petown gives you animal warriors, they have a majestic appearance to be able to attack opponents. They are all wild animals that are difficult to capture, which will be a challenge for you. Players must try to tame them, come up with measures so that they can become one with them. When you have those animals in your hand, it’s easy to move and perform attacks. The enemy on the other side is also not average; they combine many talents simultaneously. Challenge another friend, and let the trained animals meet each other. The battle does not end, and you must be the one to take the initiative to defeat the opponent quickly.

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Download Petown mod – Become a wild animal trainer

The animals in Petown are inspired by the mighty dinosaur. Possessing large wings, muscular body with many color combinations. At a glance you may look like a machine, but the power is not, it gives you a real feeling when fighting. On the way to becoming a master trainer, you have to go through countless battles. Each level is a new opponent, encountering you as usual. To make this journey more impressive, there is only way to train talented candidates. Domineering enemies, always looking for ways to make you respect but not knowing that you are also trying to do the same.

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The animals you adopt may be ferocious, but at times also incredibly cute. You feel the power and blood in them, just control to move forward. They will be loyal to you if the player shows professional training. It needs to survive in a development environment, creating all the conditions for advancement. Therefore, upgrading them needs to take place regularly and in sufficient stages. Players take on a new role, training an already difficult pet that is now a wild animal. But the ending will be sweeter, you can show your outstanding talent. So let them fight, donating this power to the challenges of Petown.

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Various choices

Petown creates more than 800 different cute animals, a huge number for you to choose from. It’s not easy for them to surrender before you, but just satisfy the conquest conditions to be able to own them. Just have the loot that can be exchanged for the animal you want. They are always in the collection, not running anywhere, so you are free to explore gradually. They possess their types of energies that can only be penetrated by investigation. The choices are decisive in the future, affecting your own destiny. Please choose a quality ally, promote it, and perform beautifully.

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Expansion of sight

The spaces in Petown are designed to be simple and not boring. You will also fight in the forest, directly in the city, everywhere can create miracles. You will be the one to follow the stories hidden deep inside, going around in search of information. Classic storyline, extreme role-playing characters will make you excited. In addition to fighting the devil, you are having to fight psychologically to give clues related to the story you are exposed to. The journey moves from one city to another, crossing the train line to the finish line. Those adventures never stop, write your own story.


Tough match

Players face off against other monsters, they’ve been waiting for you for a long time. The game is competitive in terms of time so you don’t have too many chances. Seize every second to attack the opponent, scramble for each piece of land to have more battle area. All over the world anyone can participate, no exception. Great opportunity, it’s time for you to show yourself possessing extremely great energy. Experience the peak of technical matches, you should pay attention to this area if you want to win long-term. Sublimation battles always bring you many valuable rewards, enjoy it as a hobby.

Petown enters the battle in the dungeons with many challenges. The battle speed of each person is different, the way you show your strength is also different. No player succumbs to the opponent, always finding every strategy to counter. You should know your stopping point so as not to exceed your strength, affecting the upgrade process. At the same time, always regenerate energy for your animals, they need time to rest. Reach for the pinnacle moments and expect a magical victory in no time. Download Petown mod, show the bravery of the best animal trainer in the world.

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