Nonstop Fantasy Defense MOD APK 1.3.8 (Menu PRO/Free upgrade/Free Enchant, Lvl cost)

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NameNonstop Fantasy Defense APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Free upgrade/Free Enchant, Lvl cost
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Nonstop Fantasy Defense participates in a fiery battle between a team of heroes and many hostile forces. You will be the one to control the team to fire bullets at the opponent to have harsh matches. The explosion comes from the enemy; they continuously attack you in large numbers. The unique combination of heroes is also a way for you to win quickly. They have enough strength to resist but on the condition of your talented leadership. The enemy force is coming more and more, making you unable to turn back. When it comes to a specific time,, they will counterattack fiercely; your bullets are not necessarily enough to defeat.

Nonstop Fantasy Defense mod

Download Nonstop Fantasy Defense mod – Conquer unlimited enemies

Nonstop Fantasy Defense brings a rectangular battle interface; enemies will move down from the top of the screen. Your hero standing at the bottom starts to reload and shoot continuously. Just like how you shoot chickens, the warrior does not need to move; the direction of the bullet changes only. You will control five heroes at the same time, combining you with that massive amount of ammo. Both men and women completed their tasks well, trying to prevent attacks from opponents. You must take advantage of the opportunity when the opponent is still at the top and destroy it. They fell like rain when the match reached its climax; at this time, five guns worked together, shooting from all sides might be able to conquer.

Nonstop Fantasy Defense mod apk

Players have the right to increase the number of heroes but ensure complete control of them. Playing with tactics is always an advantage to scoring total points after each match. You cannot behave emotionally because the opponent’s force is too large and uncontrollable. Players must seize the opportunity right from the start of the battle; delay is easy to fall into a dangerous situation. Later, more and more opponents come, and often at this time, players tend to be confused. You must be calm and get rid of external factors to act. The lives of heroes are greatly dependent on you. So come up with an intelligent play, and demonstrate the success of a great leader.

Nonstop Fantasy Defense apk free

Hero combination

The warriors of Nonstop Fantasy Defense will be under your authority. You will own each character, so whatever your orders are, they will follow. Players are formed into a team of heroes with different numbers. The more warrior forces involved, the more leisurely you will be in combat. They need to improve their strength through each level, or it is easy to lose their position. The promotion is not too tricky; just earn enough money to buy upgraded items to be successful. Familiar faces will always be good candidates in your eyes. So choose your heroes wisely and give them time to refresh themselves.

Nonstop Fantasy Defense apk

Stop the war

The fight with Nonstop Fantasy Defense is the most fascinating; to end; you need time. Players use all their power to get ready for fierce battles. In times of struggle, mental and physical damage cannot be avoided. The number of opponents is so large that you feel they are revived. Your squad of heroes is fighting day and night for a resounding victory. Try to shoot at the opponent accurately, causing them to fall one after another, breaking the evil plot. You unleash hundreds of swords hitting the enemy’s heart, and the explosive moment is coming, but you are ready for it.

Nonstop Fantasy Defense android

Get valuable rewards

Just winning the final in each round will give you valuable rewards. You will be refurbished for the hero look when the mission is completed. Add accessories and weapons to make the fight more perfect. Fight continuously; even if you fail, you will get revenge; that’s you. Penetrate many different famous arenas, and try your hand at fighting with powerful opponents. The stars of hope and unique energy are all valuable rewards for you to conquer. Grab the chance to get tips and win to get more upgrades for your hero.

Nonstop Fantasy Defense recreates the fierce battles of heroes and evil forces. The enemy is still the one who destroys friends; the war has happened, and you only have to follow it. Set many goals to conquer and complete the mission to save people in the shortest time. Don’t let failure come to your hero squad; spend a lot of time upgrading them. Pay attention to the differences in each match and learn for yourself in the next performance. Collect valuable diamonds in exchange for a chance to rank up. Download Nonstop Fantasy Defense mod, with superheroes fighting fiercely with the enemy.

Download Nonstop Fantasy Defense MOD APK (Menu PRO/Free upgrade/Free Enchant, Lvl cost) for Android

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