Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero 1.5 MOD APK (Immortal/Dumb enemy)

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NameNinja Warrior Assassin Hero APK
PublisherTW Games Studios
MOD FeaturesImmortal/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Enjoy one of the most thrilling stealth and skill-fighting games. Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero is an incredible journey exclusively for players, from accepting a mission as a mercenary. Protect hostages and customers from enemies. Break into secret locations to steal or assassinate targets. Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero lets you learn all the skills you need to become a true ninja, samurai, and assassin. The fighting style is in the style of constant movement and situational judgment. Players will be swept up in one mission after another. Put on a dark coat that is easy to hide in the dark. Everyone would be terrified every time a warrior appeared.

Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero mod

Download Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero mod – Adventure associated with stealth

Players take on the role of a warrior with all sorts of roles. It can be said that this main character is proficient in all skills of the warrior classes. He can act stealthily and without making a sound like a shinobi. Ultimate hand-to-hand combat skills on par with samurai. An assassin’s ability to assassinate before the opponent can even realize it. Everything converges and creates an almost unbeatable character in Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero. But the tasks and the process of performing them also have particular difficulty. Most of you will receive missions to assassinate enemies, steal essential items, and protect and rescue hostages… Continuous almost non-stop.

Move the character in the 3D environment with the joystick and virtual buttons, just like many other action-adventure games. You have to combine buttons to create the right combos and skills. Moving slowly will make no noise and won’t let enemies detect you. Instead, prioritize moving slowly in night missions or assassinating someone. Quests that require confrontation will require your combat skills more. Dodge attacks and counterattacks when the opponent reveals an opening. A good fighter will know how to take advantage of minor details to defeat the enemy. It’s not something you’ll absorb as soon as you start playing.

Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero mod apk

Huge plot scale

The world that Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero built combines many cultures and stages of warrior development. That’s why you will see samurai, ninjas, assassins… Appear continuously and have a close connection with each other. The issue of tension between countries or factions is evident through the missions. Sometimes you will take on the job of assassinating the king to make the political situation chaotic. Or rescue unjustly kidnapped hostages. Assassinate essential figures in the administrative apparatus of the court. The novelty and diversity of cultures through each level and mission will make you go from experience to experience.

Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero mod apk free

Upgrade martial arts skills

Bold combat elements of the previous era. At that time, someone considered vital would have specific skills and mastery in martial arts. Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero adds a lot of martial arts to each skill you can learn. In the early levels, try to unlock a necessary skill. Then upgrade them through the completed quest rewards. For each mission, you can choose specific skills, not all. Choose the most important and valuable skills based on the terrain and the enemy’s nature. And permanent upgrades always exist, and you can perform at any time through combos that take down enemies.

Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero mod free

Enemies of various difficulty

The enemy can be anyone that you must destroy. Humans, monsters, demons… Anything that comes from the fear that people have to go through will appear. There are simple and easy-to-understand tasks such as rescuing hostages from enemy troops and assassinating important targets… Players will confront warriors on the opposing side. They also have their martial skills and flexibility in battle. Sometimes the opponent is goblins, zombies, and monsters. Requires you to grasp their strengths and weaknesses. For example, zombies will need to have their body parts cut off to be defeated. Or goblins will move very fast and fool you.

Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero free

Learn how to be a perfect warrior in every way in Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero. Take on seemingly impossible quests to gain strength and new rewards and skills. Your ability in battle will be determined by a combination of skills and dodging enemies. Download Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero tries to become a shinobi, samurai, or assassin and follows many missions with the most significant difficulty.

Download Ninja Warrior Assassin Hero MOD APK (Immortal/Dumb enemy) for Android

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