Ninja Star Shuriken MOD APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited money/Unlocked shuriken)

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NameNinja Star Shuriken APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Unlocked shuriken
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Ninja Star Shuriken challenges players with their ability to master their sharp darts. If you’ve experienced darts in real life, now’s your chance to prove your prowess. You will see the difference between playing in real life and how different it is on screen or so realistic that you don’t even notice. Obstacles are arranged before your eyes, diverse in no order at all. Your goal is to hit the objects in front, use the dart to swing at them and make them fall. For each fall like that, you score points. Focus, and align the angle correctly so as not to waste darts.

Ninja Star Shuriken

Download Ninja Star Shuriken mod – Destroy objects with darts

Objects are placed in different positions; you will be distant from them. With diverse range also becomes one of the difficulties you must overcome. You must master those darts and shoot them continuously, not to waste a moment. Objects can stand still, but conditions and external influences give you a headache. They can’t make you eat like that; it takes time. In fixed time, you have to speed up to search for points. You can earn points for each item that is dropped, accumulating more and more facts. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty; the pressure of time also causes players to shake hands.

Sharp darts are designed with four corners; the angled tip is like an arrow. When you shoot them forward, the darts will start spinning and hit the target you want. Players will take advantage of each turn to hit the mark the most. When shooting with sight, you will achieve many more desirable targets. Players who hit once will have a feeling, which increases their hand level. Shoot darts in large numbers to achieve multiple goals simultaneously because Ninja Star Shuriken gives them away for free. You are not pressured in terms of darts but highly stressed by the rush of time; the end of time is considered the end of the game in that round.

Ninja Star Shuriken mod

Various objects

Ninja Star Shuriken has a whole collection of items that players can choose to destroy. Fruits, balloons, animals, bottles, pendulums or pottery are familiar objects but not easy at first. They are stacked on each other, leaving no gaps, so aiming the arrows is difficult. You must remove them from this matrix, but the conditions are attached. Not in the same game screen, every item you draw will have its requirements. Players receive information and begin to use sharp eyes to hit the target. Hurry up to conquer the required number to win that level.

Use help

In this adventurous race, you should also own additional features. Players can use fire to protect themselves in crises. Kill as many targets as possible in the allotted time, and reach a big score. You have a chance to get a reward. Support always makes you confident and encourages you to take action against obstacles. It would be best if you also accumulated them, do not waste too much to avoid falling into a deadlock with nothing to use. Your integration of the darting process is the most effective. Get a high score for a diamond reward, which will help your journey later.

Ninja Star Shuriken apk

Two-player mode

Join two friends mode will have more opponents, increasing this match’s uniqueness. You have people to compete with and perform the task more aggressively. Two people can play at the same time to see clearly who’s progress, friend or opponent. If players do not know how to seize the opportunity in this competition, standing for a long is difficult. It would be best if you also had a bigger goal than being first in the rankings. Join the two-person mode to change the atmosphere; you are also less bored. If you want to practice, you can choose the independent way, which is equally interesting.

Ninja Star Shuriken requires the player to throw and dart forward. Destroy items to gain a high score; the higher, the better. There will be fleeting winds that will cause your darts to fly in the wrong direction. Players need to be careful before such external factors. Besides, arranging scenes becomes a challenge. Flexible game modes to expand your horizons. Complete the stages from easy to complex; the goal is the score. Download Ninja Star Shuriken mod, non-standard on target for a limited time.

Download Ninja Star Shuriken MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked shuriken) for Android

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