Nightmare Hero 0.9.01 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Attack, defense multiplier/One hit)

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NameNightmare Hero APK
PublisherSignature Gamez
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Attack, defense multiplier/One hit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The nightmare world always spawns creatures and events that we can’t explain. All will appear in Nightmare Hero to challenge players as true heroes. Collect new power-ups continuously on your journey to not be defeated by the monsters. Travel to many dark lands and ruled by great forces. You will wander alone in Nightmare Hero to become stronger through each battle. The key is to gather sources of power. The skill makes the warrior invulnerable to enemy attacks. Solve the secret of the nightmare world and find a way out of it once and for all.

Nightmare Hero mod

Download Nightmare Hero mod – Adventure inside the nightmare world

The warrior that the player controls does not have any specific information. No one knows who he is and what his current purpose is. Just know that we are trapped in a world of nightmares. From within, the dense black smoke spawned many dangerous monsters. If you hesitate and cannot decide, you will be destroyed immediately. There is no other way; you can only control the warrior to explore everywhere. Find the weapons and treasures you need to fight the monsters. Expand your skill system to create new sources of power. That would be an element of threat to the demons.

The way to move is quite simple when you need to touch where you want the warrior to move. Dodge enemy attacks and return them with devastating attacks. Enemies include two types of melee attacks and ranged attacks. Melee fighters will be easier to deal with as monsters that can run, dodge their attacks and deliver the appropriate finishing blow. Through each level, the warrior is rewarded with a certain amount of money or maybe a new piece of equipment. The most special is the skills to perform the unlocking of new powers. All players in Nightmare Hero look forward to their unique talents when they win.

Nightmare Hero mod apk

Build impressive gear sets

The war in the nightmare world goes on continuously, and there is not much time for you to rest. In particular, monsters will only get stronger after each battle, not weaken. It is a factor to motivate players to build their own sets of equipment. Many types of equipment provide many necessary stats for warriors when fighting, from damage, attack speed, dodge ability, armour, bonus health, and movement speed. Usually, the primary weapons to attack will carry damage stats, such as swords and magic staffs. And the armour always provides complete health and armour for you. The same goes for shoes that increase movement speed, jewellery, and other secondary stats.

Nightmare Hero mod apk free

Go through many stages

Each battle will be in specific chapters of Nightmare Hero. Each chapter tells about the land and the monsters that will appear there. You will know what to do to cross that land; what cautions and dangers await you ahead? All chapters have governing bosses. They are the biggest enemy you must defeat to complete a branch corresponding to land, with Nightmare Hero’s diverse monster design creativity. Players can see a lot of bosses with different strengths and shapes. This will challenge players against a large army, including evil bosses.

Nightmare Hero mod free

Learn skills to survive

The skill system is the essential thing players must possess in Nightmare Hero. It comes with a weapon system and never shows weakness in battles. A skill is a power that can change the outcome of a fight. You will always want to summon a rain of thunder on your enemies. Creates an unlimited healing zone. It enhances base strength and stats from the equipment you’re wearing. Each skill has its effect and affects an element of the battle, in addition to basic skills such as increasing your strength and healing. Many skills directly affect enemies, making them weaker, and giving you an advantage.

Not a game whose mechanics are too complicated and troublesome to grasp. Nightmare Hero is like a game used to relax and satisfy your desire to show off your skills and strength. Join the warrior in a nightmare world full of monsters. Defeat giant bosses and find a way out of the eternal fantasy in the Nightmare Hero mod.

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