My Sushi Story 4.1.19 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameMy Sushi Story APK
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Are you a fan of famous Japanese sushi dishes? If you are a food lover, you cannot ignore the playground of My Sushi Story. Stories related to the business are becoming popular and well-received by many players. You can become the owner of the most delicious sushi shop, welcome many guests to the restaurant and progress from here. The primary business steps are all pre-programmed; you must follow them and add creativity. The trillion-dollar property is about to be revealed; you start burning with sushi shops. Expand your brand, and go international to gain more rewards.

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Download My Sushi Story mod – Opening a sushi restaurant

Sushi is a dish made of meat and vegetables, often eaten right after it has not been processed. Fresh ingredients become the key to maintaining your business. You can’t predict the consequences if you get caught using frozen or not as tasty as advertised. For your sushi brand to always be on a new level, first, take care of the imported ingredients. You choose the food and spices for the restaurant and come up with the exclusive recipe. If you do that well, customers will surely come to your restaurant, which is always packed with tables.

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You work at your best, constantly inventing new dishes. The diverse menu always impresses customers because each person has a different need. You open sushi shops in turn, from small establishments to expanding hundreds of stores in crowded spots around the world. The time for your business has come; the first steps are gradually stabilized. Opening large and small restaurants, you directly operate them with your own rules. The store always delivers a great customer experience. The dishes are prepared by a high-class chef, satisfying many guests, even the most difficult person you have ever met.

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Welcome to the bag

My Sushi Story evaluates the results and level of players through the final results. The revenue earned is the most accurate measure of a player’s talent. Your progress is recognized, but the profit matters when it comes to the achievement rankings. You welcome fortune when customers come to support you too much. Their presence at your facilities becomes an honour for each player. You are delighted to welcome these guests; all walks of life can enjoy sushi. Meeting all their needs, ensuring fast service speed. Create excellent dishes to please every customer.

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Upgrading the shop

The restaurants you own are built on the money earned. You’ve also tried your best in your journey to Japan’s sushi cuisine. The next thing you have to do is decorate and upgrade the shop. Each place is a style, so diversity is also a good idea, or you can follow the general pattern to emphasize the brand. Many ways to decorate and remodel your shop, as long as it looks gorgeous. The larger the scale, the more visitors it attracts, so you should upgrade the area. The establishments sprang up quickly, meeting many guests even from far away. Always in a state of advancement and reform like that.

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Recruiting staff

No matter how delicious the food is, the service staff is not enthusiastic and professional; I’m afraid that everything is not perfect. The wserversfor your restaurant is equipped with knowledge and skills before doing the job. The chef is equally important, he decides how delicious the dish is. When your employees unite to create a brand, they will undoubtedly achieve the expected results. Sharpen neatness, orderliness and agile working style. Foster them with wages, open training classes and train them right from the moment they join. Team up with them to take your sushi brand even further.

My Sushi Story is a platform for players to fulfil their dreams, the owner of a sushi shop. Delicious food is due to the ingredients and the chef, above all, your management. As the leader, you always manage all the problems in the restaurant. You also have your ways of dealing with when something goes wrong. Make a lot of money, and advance in recipes and menus. Create multiple dishes, serve and respond with the highest speed to customers. They are the primary source of income, so they obey to receive great benefits later. Download My Sushi Story mod, and plan to develop your sushi brand for a long time.

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