My Office 1.21 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money)

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NameMy Office APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Running an influential business in the world has never been a simple thing. However, you will experience it in a not too complicated way in My Office. This game requires you to set up your own corporate Office. Create a brand and manage the way the company works and operates. All to earn steady revenue and make your company more popular. You are the general manager, so you have the right to decide everything in this company, from personnel management to work handover and infrastructure construction. At first glance, this responsibility may seem tremendous and difficult. But My Office will make it easier for you.

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Download My Office mod – Own a successful business company

Everything will start from zero. In the game’s early stages, you will only have a small office and nothing in it. Buy some desks and chairs and some office computer sets. Handling documents sent back and forth between the company and its partners. That’s the only way for you to make more revenue in this early stage. Once you have a sure profit, use it to upgrade more modern facilities. Click on the completed work parts to receive the corresponding proceeds. That will almost not happen in real life but only shortened in the game.

A company cannot function without employees. The hiring system lets you review their qualifications before you can hire them. The most important goal is still to find a talented employee to benefit the whole company. A scene where employees are constantly commuting and handling a mountain of necessary paperwork. You’ll see that a lot as you grow your company and the daily work to take. The director will oversee the key projects of the experts. Participate in addressing internal issues arising in the company. There will be a lot of work for you to get involved in as a director.

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Expand your working environment

You need to prioritize when making a profit to expand the area for employees to work. Each site will have its price until you unlock all of them. More space will be filled with new parts and machines. The number of employees is also increased to optimize the area you just expanded. It is the process of proving that your company is growing and earning good profits. That will be much more advanced as you unlock new branches. Provided that the current unit you manage must reach a certain level. In addition, a series of unique components link into an actual corporation.

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Continuous employee monitoring

The soul of a company must undoubtedly be the employees who work in it. As mentioned above, when you hire employees, you will be able to observe their talent index. This does not mean who you will choose and whom you will reject. It’s about getting those employees into the correct department for their specialty. There are many categories of talent for you to distinguish from each other. Employees with technology expertise should be included in the computer processing departments. The other will have a knack for managing a variety of papers quickly. And there will even be people who work well in a quiet environment. Categorize employees to help them work better.

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Receive information from management

You are the CEO and manage everything. However, you still need a supervisor to know what stage the work progress of the department is at. In My Office, there is also a role that is referred to as Professor. He was always at the center of the company in a supervisory role. Every day when you work, he will announce what stage they are in. If you forget to handle the paperwork, the Professor will remind you of the amount you must do. You will know when a department has finished its work and is waiting for you to collect the money. My Office would be pretty difficult to complete without a manager.

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Design and create a company with all elements decided by the director. Is it you? Monitor and manage all employees’ work to make a profit when it’s done. My Office is a way for you to access the basic level of director work. If you want to try the feeling of being a leader and bring the company’s reputation to the highest possible level, you should download and try the My Office mod.

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