My Dear Farm 1.20 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameMy Dear Farm APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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My Dear Farm opens a loving farm with many relationships, you can fulfill your dreams freely. You grow crops, raise livestock and build your own house. A real farm with many new things is opened; you need to qualify to be able to conquer. Prove that you are a top-class farmer with many talents. The products are harvested every day, your wealth is also enhanced. The whole world is watching you farm, that’s very interesting. The gardening adventures are beautiful, but there are also additional opportunities to get rich. Make this simulation game more attractive in your way.

My Dear Farm mod

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A farm is animated with countless genres, from people to farmers to food. The trees are also painted with many colors. Carrots, peas, tomatoes, cabbage or white radish, and more are all featured. This diversity provides a fun atmosphere, plus access to many other elite farmers. Like a realistic model, a farm combined with housing, livestock, and planting trees. You are close to nature and enjoy the fresh air from those green trees. In addition, the freedom to decorate where you live, do what you like, everything comes naturally to you. Make yourself love life with simple actions.

My Dear Farm android

The character lines are also elaborately built, bringing various experiences for players. My Dear Farm has created these great things for players to explore. Other farmers have the same feelings as you, they compete with each other to create the most beautiful farm. Streets were erected, and people’s houses also increased, bustling and vibrant. You approach more relationships; such a rewarding playground does not participate in the fee? Overwhelmed with love here, kind neighbors help each other. Like a peaceful but not dull village life, there is always a way to express your style.

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Coloring for the character

My Dear Farm has released a collection of different cartoon characters. Each person owns a separate beauty, brown or white skin, full of boys and girls. Their instincts can all conquer the farm and give themselves the right to explore. Your task is to accompany them and go together in the most extended way to catch up with new trends. Shape your character in your way, change hairstyle, outfit, all possible. The farmer’s skin color improves over time, with many skin tones for you to choose from. The decorative accessories on the outfit or the hair are also updated. Customize to your liking, all ready to serve you.

My Dear Farm apk

Agricultural harvest

A farmer will eagerly wait for the day to be harvested, as will you. The products you create from when it is just a sprout, a seed, until it develops into a tree and bears fruit. Grow more crops to develop the farm, your reputation needs to be expanded. When the agricultural products are large, you harvest and bring them to your market and meet the merchants to exchange goods. Seeing the food grow up day by day and how much effort you put into it, it’s fun. They are also harvested quickly, so don’t be too hasty. Sell ​​the crops you can grow to get money and expand the empire. Harvest the fruits of your labor fastest, accelerating to keep the top position.

My Dear Farm mod apk

Decorate the house

In addition to the farm, you need to build more houses. Furniture and small decorations in your home can be obtained. An interesting farm needs a human rhythm and getting to know your neighbors more. You can choose from a stylish farmhouse, pink, blue, or white. Build a small swimming pool, and decorate more tables and chairs to sit outside in the garden to enjoy the view. The poetic scenery of the farm will make you love life more, in addition to living in the house of your dreams. Use the money you earn from selling agricultural products to buy more furniture, giving the house a perfect look.

My Dear Farm opens up a colorful world filled with love between people. Let’s create an epic farm playground together, not fight each other. What you bring to this farm is dedication and hard work every day. In addition, neighbors will always complement each other for more wealth. Arrange an order for your farm, depending on your liking. Update the latest versions not to miss any story in this game. Download My Dear Farm mod, and assert yourself in the farm game with many exciting things.

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