My City: Island 1.3.96 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameMy City: Island APK
PublisherNexelon inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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My City: Island restores the Pacific island of Kakau, bringing back the beauty it once possessed. After an earthquake, everything on this island was destroyed. You will be the one to save this demise along with many new inventions and shocking city designs. You will completely conquer this land by yourself and create a life for people. The city has been ravaged with nothing left, and you must renovate the whole thing. Your unique creations will bring many new places to this place. Try to build quickly, and the works are completed as soon as possible to enjoy the results.

My City Island

Download My City: Island mod – Build a beautiful city on the island

The nature on the island is stunning, and the scenery always gives you fresh colors. To rebuild what has been lost, you will perform many different steps. Lay the foundation for each house, exploit the land on a large scale to wait for many new projects. There is a difference between an empty or arid land due to destruction just after a few times of care. The beautiful city is waiting for a new look, and you are quickly finished. Explore new territories to scale your career. On the island, such construction will create a separate area. Let’s decorate Kakau with the most beautiful interface ever.

My City Island apk free

The city’s best city will be groundbreaking and receive many new things. Use the tools My City: Island has arranged at the bottom of the screen to execute the project. New buildings are starting to appear, and shopping centers and parks are added to the map. Trees and streets are also necessary works in this construction. Everything is rebuilt in detail; how much of your effort has been poured into this place? Develop the Pacific Ocean, keep the city alive, and become a great designer. Your great merits are recognized by humanity, life is opened, and people have more places to reside.

My City Island mod

Restoration of destroyed buildings

That dangerous earthquake made you realize your dream of building a city. Although it took a bit of work because it had to add a repair process before it could be executed, it was an enjoyable experience. Rebuild playgrounds, significant carousels, and famous landmarks in the city. Cinemas or entertainment centers were also restored to match the new constructions. You are in a hurry to do those renovations. You have a lot of time, but leaving unfinished work for a long time is no longer suitable. Transforming the island into a different look overnight, the livable city is about to open.

My City Island mod apk

Building upgrade

When the houses are built, there will be a further upgrade step. First, you need to develop it into high-rise buildings for the modern city. Besides, creating a more prominent house also brings wealth to you. All stages of implementation will go through different time frames, laying a solid foundation and then development. As seen from above, the city is full of high-rise buildings and famous sites that have been completed; how beautiful it is. Spending time and money to upgrade the house is well worth it. Speed ​​up construction, collect a lot of assets to become rich, and own eye-catching homes.

My City Island apk

Create life

When the city is built, you will want to bring life to people. My City: Island also wants you to do it most elaborately. Create streets, make people’s houses, and decorate with colors that look attractive. A beautiful flower garden, green trees, and fresh air. The places to play and eat for people have also been built successfully. Choose a happy lifestyle for people so that they have time to enjoy the results you create. Nature is beautiful, and having more human life is even more remarkable. Attract residents to live and maintain a stable life for them.

My City: Island allows players to create works of art freely. The city needs to be restored, and the island will regain its former beauty. Building solid houses, other vocations also sprouted up quickly. When successful, you must find a way to maintain it so that it lasts the longest. Let’s wait for your creativity to be promoted and enjoy the most beautiful things. The only city in the world to be rebuilt and become the most livable place. Find a happy life for people, and great things are created. Download My City: Island mod, build and preserve the city with the best appearance.

Download My City: Island MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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