Muscle Hero 1.31.0 MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy)

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NameMuscle Hero APK
PublisherSuperhero Academy
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Muscle Hero plays the giant blue-skinned man and begins the brutal wars. You have the overwhelming power to bring many surprises. Break them all and deliver terrible blows to your opponents. Will are evil criminals; they are deliberately roaming the city to achieve bad goals. Seeing that situation, you can’t help while possessing breakthrough power. You are a superhero from the world, sent down to protect people. Although it will be a tough battle, you will face it. Confidently go to quell the rebellion, and handle all those who are destroying the city.

Muscle Hero mod apk

Download Muscle Hero mod – Make the superhero revolution

The green giant is you, the player has control to make the match. You hold, hold, and throw objects on the side of the road, you will throw away unnecessary obstacles. One arm of yours is enough to defeat them all, but don’t overdo it. You must know how to combine with other weapons or fighting techniques to ensure the strength of these magical hands. The vast body will be an excellent advantage for you; wherever you go, get there. Revolutions explode with so much pain coming, that you are suffering the consequences. The enemy has heard that you have come to the city’s rescue, immediately building an army to destroy you.

Unlike the superhero Spider-Man, who can fly high in the sky nor has superpowers like Iron Man, your character is entirely new. Muscle Hero has built a massive image for you to overwhelm the world and destroy criminals. The opponent’s force is huge; they own many large and small gangs around the city. You will be the one who has to go and get rid of those evil mobs out of this peace. The aftermath of the war left fiercely cruel, the fires began to flare up. You are immersed after the destruction, trying to survive the seas of fire. Use the game’s feature and link the ultimate weapon to preserve life.

Muscle Hero mod

Play as a superhero

Possessing strong muscles, and impermanent strength has made you stand out from the crowd. Criminals are smaller than you; just a footstep is enough to crush them. The opponent has also planned to defend from your suppression. You are a genuine superhero with enough power to attack the enemy. Dash to the location to be destroyed, combined with the action icons in the right corner of the screen. Just a few turns and strong fists will send the opponent away. Be mighty against the enemy, and show as much anger as possible. Your screams reverberate throughout the city, making everything shake.

Fly them all

The task of the green superhero this time is to destroy all enemies. They also have specific protective gear and sniper rifles. You don’t need to equip those ultimate weapons but you still win. With all your skills, let’s handle that criminal team neatly. Turn the arena into the fieriest place; you are resigned to that situation. Power will be what you use the most; upgrade yourself. Through the victories, you will have the opportunity to experience unlocking superpowers. Attack vigorously from many sides, and gain many achievements after each match. Winning the championship will confirm your status in Muscle Hero.

Muscle Hero apk

Save the city

The city has become darker after times of war and devastation from crime. You will see a moment of heaven and earth in the town with a blue sky with white clouds on one side and ashes of destruction on the other. This heartbreaking situation has caused many people to leave, but that is the law of war. You can not escape the sights of your opponent, the only one who can save the city. If you receive a protective mission, do it perfectly, and win many victories for yourself. Please do your best to defeat the criminals and return the city to its old state. Crush everything if possible, clean the bad guys, and you can rest.

Muscle Hero participates in the fierce battle between superheroes and criminals. Flexible use of the game’s passive skills, combined with top-notch tactics. The city revolution aims to stop the super combat agent from the enemy. They will set many bold goals, putting all their efforts into achieving them. When fighing, you must know how to protect yourself and maintain long-term survival. Download Muscle Hero mod, and become a giant green superhero with many top-notch moves.

Download Muscle Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy) for Android

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