Mortician Inc 1.0.42 MOD APK (Unlimited money, chest)

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NameMortician Inc APK
PublisherGame Veterans
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, chest
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Currently, the population is increasing. Along with the people, an explosion is a worry about land and housing. In many cities, the population density has become too crowded. It’s even cramped. Fields, football fields, and lawns gradually sprang up with high-rise apartments and houses close together. Soon it became difficult to find a vacant piece of land. When the living struggle to find a place to live, it is also difficult for the deceased to settle down. Children and grandchildren want to pay their respects to their grandparents but do not know where to build a cemetery. Then let Mortician Inc help you. This is a business game with a unique idea.

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Download Mortician Inc mod – Take care of the dead

Mortician Inc, produced by Game Veterans, simulates burial activities at a cemetery. This is the filial piety that everyone needs to know, but it has never been popularized in such a new form. At Mortician Inc, you will build a cemetery to serve the entire population’s needs. Although I know that no one wants their loved ones to leave, it is inevitable when the god of death comes. If only the children and grandchildren stay, please be dedicated so that the grandparents have a peaceful new home when they enter the afterlife. You will start your business with the best funeral service. It brings profits and contributes to the accumulation of virtue for generations to come. Mortician Inc’s mechanics and interface are simple and easy to follow.

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In this particular business game, players will complete the process of a funeral. Your centre will become a place of care for departed souls. Work begins with receiving calls from relatives. You need to grasp the time and requirements of the family in organizing the funeral. Make sure that both parties agree on the contract. Next, you need to send your staff to dig a grave according to the size of the coffin. After that, start lowering the coffin and proceed with the burial. Players need to take the steps extremely carefully because it marks the beginning of a new life for a being.

Mortician Inc mod apk

Find and train employees

With Mortician Inc, you are a manager of the cemetery. In other words, a business owner of this particular service. So the player does not need to do everything. Instead, hire diligent employees to operate this cemetery. They will help you handle many tasks in the best way. But need to make sure that the benefits they receive are worth the effort. You do not need to be supervised at that time, and employees still fulfil their responsibilities. At the same time, players must know how to grasp customer needs due to working in the service industry. Thereby, you will find out how to train the best funeral workers. Sometimes they are too soon to become experts in this field.

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Expand your cemetery empire

At present, households will generally be economically well off. Therefore, they will not spare money to fulfil their filial piety and choose a suitable burial place for the deceased. Players must understand this well to adjust their cemetery. Upgrade your business to increase profits continuously. First, it is necessary to build new facilities and separate rooms. At the same time, furniture and decoration must be purchased to be more spacious and modern. Also, open appropriate service packages for the family to choose from. Examples include freezing the body or cremation. The more services, the more players attract customers to trust and choose.

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Idle business

Doing business in Mortician Inc is not tricky. You already have an entire support staff. As a boss, players only need to click to control. You can sit in one place and supervise every employee, from the receptionist and the driver to the lawn mower or the burial staff. Even when you are away, they still work hard to match their benefits. Step by step, you will profit and expand this particular graveyard empire. Besides, there are also some rewards through watching videos to increase income, for example. Don’t miss any hints on the screen. The process of getting rich must follow the rules of small accumulation to become significant to be sustainable.

Mortician Inc is a simulation game with significantly idle controls. Even offline, the business can still run well, thanks to professional staff. As a boss, don’t let employees suffer; you will receive delighted work results. The consensus between the boss and the employee will create a strong business team. Download Mortician Inc mod and make a large cemetery.

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