Monster Tales MOD APK 1.0.120 (Menu/High damage)

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NameMonster Tales APK
PublisherTangelo Games Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/High damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Monster Tales is a unique combination of match-3 gameplay and combat strategy. Enter the world of monsters and fight other players. Control your monster warriors to battle, compete in matches. Present in combat adventures and a lot of fascinating puzzles. Monster Tales is a place for players to apply their thinking and show their fighting ability. Face off against countless enemies, quickly knocking them out of the area. Take part in exciting jigsaw battles, summoning a squad of monsters to accompany you on this challenging journey.

Monster Tales mod

Download Monster Tales mod – Dramatic jigsaw battle

Based on the adventure context and puzzles, Monster Tales has made many gamers excited. Explore the vast world and start doing every quest offered. Every match that takes place will let you encounter an opponent, present on every battlefield. Accompany the monsters, actively attack the enemy in all situations. Build a strong and large squad, ready to go to war. The warriors that you will navigate in battle are monsters, dragons. Each object will contribute strength, coordination to defeat the opponent. Take every action and develop a reasonable strategy to destroy the enemy quickly.

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Battles bring dramatic RPG elements, where players can freely attack. Not only attracting players with the game mode, but even the graphics have also attracted attention. The game image is carefully invested, creating a battle that is no different from real life. This is a game suitable for those who love fighting, using tactics. Face off against a variety of enemies in online PVP battles. Each stage will bring unexpected elements and challenges for you to conquer. Face the evil bosses, don’t give them a chance to win.

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Build the perfect battle team

To destroy the opponent, a battle formation is very important. Players will have to gather excellent warriors, form an army to fight on the front. Monster Tales offers 120 characters, including heroes and monsters, for you to choose from. Lead the whole team into the game, making consecutive attacks on the opponent. Collect eggs and breed to produce new monsters. Step by step make all teams stronger and stronger, creating a core force. Search for legendary monsters, possessing extraordinary combat power that offers perfect destructive power. Coordinate on all fronts to make the enemy quickly receive death. Focus on recruiting and training skills, discover more diverse creatures.

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Strategy RPG

In addition to being a strong force, tactics are also a contributing factor to achieving victory. Sometimes, using strategies will also bring advantages, easily overcoming challenges. Build your own strategy and apply it to every situation in battle. Seize the opportunity, hit the enemy’s weak point. At the same time, do not forget to coordinate with teammates, create many attacks to defeat the opponent. Change your strategy in time, depending on how the game is going. Withdraw troops to a safe position when necessary, preserving the number of formations. Deploy specific plans, lead the warriors to move to each battlefield. Follow chain attacks, knocking enemies down.

Monster Tales mod apk

Competitive battle

Take part in many battles and challenge players around the world. Join the explosive atmosphere, compete to conquer high scores. Moreover, you can also invite your friends to declare war and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. Raise monsters and develop their new skills, train on all fronts. Choose to fight 1v1 or PVP at will, assert the power in each attack. Actively attack and conquer all the ultimate levels of play.

Attractive jigsaw puzzles, many dangerous matches will take place waiting for players. Monster Tales will let you experience many dramatic battles, accompanied by powerful monsters. Find more creatures, build an army to fight on every battlefield. Master the battle, destroy all enemies in the fastest time. Download Monster Tales mod battle with legendary monsters.

Download Monster Tales MOD APK (Menu/High damage) for Android

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