Monster Merge Battle 0.1.7 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defence multiplier)

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NameMonster Merge Battle APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage, defence multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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A fun, weird challenge that spins super-terrorist monster battle cards. A battle that challenges the combat abilities of the tailed beast inside the card. Monster Merge Battle is a refreshing world in the form of a collectible card game. Use the most traditional and classic style battle cards. It is an excellent treat for players with a passion for collectible cards. Sitting and studying them is so idle that it doesn’t require much work. The novelty Monster Merge Battle is a vast world built with effective monster-fighting card mechanisms and systems. The monsters are mischievous and have distinct personalities and powers for players to collect.

Monster Merge Battle mod android

Download Monster Merge Battle mod – Powerful monster cards

Monster Merge Battle is unique in the game market today. The game has excellent graphics and gameplay that is easy to play, win, and unique. So it can be suitable for video game players of all ages everywhere. Try to join this monster system video game team side by side. Many exciting and new things revolving around the battles are still waiting for the players. Here the game players do not play the role of combat hero warriors. Monster Merge Battle lets the player join the game as a trainer and collector of skill-based monster battle cards. Indeed, Monster Merge Battle offers something very different from other fighting card games on the market today.

Monster Merge Battle

Get everything if you have conquered all the game levels. The adventures are worth the wait in the development of this game. Update and collect the newest combat abilities just acquired. Monster Merge Battle will bring battle secrets around monster cards. Fight using the mind thinking and fighting skills of monsters the player possesses. Let’s challenge ourselves to the game in this Monster Merge Battle now.

Novel level

The game levels will be arenas for monsters to compete against each other. Monster Merge Battle has a unique combat mode system. An auditorium that can change according to the intense and fiery developments of the participating monsters. The fight is highly fierce when sending monster cards into the battlefield. Each level the game plays forward will be a more novel challenge transformation. The arenas will change the battle terrain to have the most novel appeal in the game. Monster Merge Battle will raise the playing field level higher after each achievement of the player of this game. Unusual combat progression levels bring players stress relief.

Monster Merge Battle mod

Funny monster

The monsters are adorable and funny in the game Monster Merge Battle. They are formatted as cards collected by the game player. They are cute and cute but will also be extremely strong with fighting skills. They have adorable shapes and fighting skills that are far from each other. The monsters will participate in the level gameplay with particular roles. The animals created are new and unique and then brought into the game. Since then, the game has possessed beautiful monsters for card game players. Monster Merge Battle will promise to get the game players new pleasures with cute, funny, but mighty monsters.

Monster Merge Battle mod apk

Collecting tailed beast cards

The cards will need to be collected in many more ways in the game. Monster Merge Battle will take players to collect the most novel cards in this world. The rich card collection promises to bring new excitement over time in intense battles. The more cards there are, the more the game players will have a particular advantage. The treasure stores the secret information about the ancient tailed beasts.

Join the fight using different monster cards in the game. Monster Merge Battle is a card game where players can search for cards. Please bring them back with your inventory and then go to battle with other monsters. The matches are incredibly lovable in the eyes of the game players involved. Download hack Monster Merge Battle mod to join a competitive world of monster cards fighting in fierce arenas.

Download Monster Merge Battle MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defence multiplier) for Android

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