Monster Legends 17.2.4 MOD APK (Menu PRO, Immortal/Auto win/DMG)

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NameMonster Legends APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO, Immortal/Auto win/DMG
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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The monsters are inherently powerful and have many formidable elements. They are always the enemy force that causes many dangers and must be destroyed in battles. But have you thought about accompanying them to battle? Monster Legends will be a place for you to understand better and train your monsters. Build a strong army to attack and achieve the set goals. Overcome all challenges and do not give the opponent a chance to win. Face the ultimate challenge, become the strongest monster master.

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Download Monster Legends mod – Monster master’s battle

Monster Legends is a story about monsters. This place is home to countless different species, each with its own characteristics. You will conquer them and build your own city. Create a habitat for monsters and develop new breeders. Train monsters capable of formidable attacks, eliminating all opponents. Make specific plans and develop strategies to deal with any situation. Collect more monsters, and make the army more and more numerous. Fight in every area, making every enemy have no chance to survive.

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Starting the battle will be a battle between you and your opponent. Both sides will launch attacks and do everything to gain an advantage. Players will need to navigate monsters, unleashing every move to defeat the opponent. Action battles will continuously take place for you to show off your fighting ability. Facing a series of formidable armies, difficulties ahead. Explore every area, and destroy all the enemies you want. Stand up to be the hegemony, control all and make other opponents fear.

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Collect and upgrade monsters

The number of monsters was numerous and rapidly increasing. Up to more than 900 monsters for you to collect and build your army. Each monster will have different power, it is necessary to learn about them carefully. Take advantage of the team’s strengths and abilities to hit the opponent’s weak points. The more monsters you collect, the stronger the battle formation will be. Combine breeding to create species with new skills and stronger attack power. Depending on the rarity and different factors will create a new breed. Upgrade and train them to advance to higher levels, conquering all challenges.

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Participate in dramatic matches

The matches will continue to take place, creating many dangers. You can participate in real-time live battles, ready to stand before your opponents. Deliver fierce attack combos, causing each enemy to receive death. In addition, Monster Legends also has multiplayer matches. Challenge players from all over the world. Compete, show strength and try to conquer valuable rewards. Many top tournaments are held, bringing together a series of formidable enemies. This is an excellent opportunity for you to assert your strength and demonstrate your ability. Control each monster, and fight in your own style.

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Build a team to fight together

Even a good leader cannot be without the companionship of his teammates. You need to work closely with your army to resist counterattacks from the enemy. Discuss to come up with a specific strategy and the best way to deal with the expected results. Choose monsters that are strong and have enough strength to fight. Find more allies, and build the biggest Clan in the world. Lead the entire army to participate in events and become an invincible monster boss. Download Monster Legends mod to fight with monsters, train and build an army of immortal monsters.

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