Monster: Hide and Seek MOD APK 1.12 (Dumb enemy)

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NameMonster: Hide and Seek APK
PublisherZego Global Publishing
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Their memories will mark everyone’s childhood. There are friends associated with the scene of herding buffalo, cutting grass, or bathing in rivers or streams. There are also people in the city who only play in spaces close to home. But no matter where you are, there is a game that every child must have experienced. That is to close your eyes and hide and seek. This can be considered the most classic childhood game. The thrill of hiding always makes players extremely excited. In 2021, when the Korean movie Squid Game was released and became a hit, the game of hiding and seek was mentioned by many people. Inspired by that, the producer Zego Global Publishing has released the game Monster: Hide and Seek.

Monster Hide and Seek mod

Download Monster: Hide and Seek mod – Join the game of hiding and seek

Now, with Monster: Hide and Seek, you will return to your childhood. But the childhood game is now more upgraded with the electronic version. You will no longer need to run around in the sun to worry about being spanked by your mother. In Monster: Hide and Seek, producer Zego Global Publishing created two character lines. First the monster boss. This character is hugely shaped to make a distinct difference. It looks like a green stickman with long, spiky limbs. In addition, the monster possessing red eyes looks terrifying. The second line of characters are dolls inspired by the creators of the movie Squid Game. They were in great numbers and wore yellow shirts, orange bibs, and hats.

One big difference makes Monster: Hide and Seek different from the real-life hide-and-seek game. Can you guess what it is? That’s the game mode. In Monster: Hide and Seek, you will play the number two character – golden dolls. But these dolls are not always afraid of the green monster. Because Monster: Hide and Seek allows players to choose to participate in the hide or seek the position. It’s an exciting feature, isn’t it? Thus, if you find it too difficult to run away from the monster, you can make it run away. In addition, the hide-and-seek games here take place in real-time, creating excitement and surprise.

Monster Hide and Seek mod apk

Labyrinth of hiding places

Join Monster: Hide and Seek, and players will enter a vast maze. There are partitions of various sizes and designs already established. Some areas are set up as square rooms, but there are also large and small circles. Owning a lot can be both an advantage and a disadvantage because it gives you more shelter. However, when encountering monsters, the maze terrain will be challenging to escape if you do not follow the right path. Furthermore, the beast was so tall that it could look around. In some specific cases, you can stay underwater or crouch down in the grass or fields to avoid the fierce eyes of monsters.

Monster Hide and Seek android

Free your comrades

The number of monsters is only one, but the number of dolls is enormous. Every time the beauty is caught, the beast will lock them in a small white iron cage. It looked like a birdcage. It’s too cruel. But there is a way to save the unlucky dolls. This method can only be done while the beauty is still free. You control the free dolls running through the white cages. At that time, the cell will open on its own to free the doll inside. Rescue should be done as soon as possible before everyone is imprisoned. The ferocious green monster has a long stride, so its running speed is no joke.

Monster Hide and Seek apk free

Collect gold coins

Scattered in the labyrinth, you will see pre-set gold coins. Even if you are busy running, don’t miss this precious item. They can be instrumental in some situations. Collecting is also not difficult. You need to control the doll and the gold coins collected in the bag to run through them. But not only gold coins, but there are also pieces of gold bullion with great value. Monster: Hide and Seek is designed with 3D effects, so the movements of both dolls and monsters are incredibly smooth. They will move precisely according to the position you control. In this game, you can let the doll climb the wall in some low situations.

Are you ready to board the express train to return to your childhood with Monster: Hide and Seek? A simple game that is both relaxing and addictive that is suitable for an audience of seven and up. Playing hide and seek with both roles will give you the best experience. Download Monster: Hide and Seek mod and escape the monster’s captivity.

Download Monster: Hide and Seek MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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