Mine Hunter MOD APK 1.5 (God mode)

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NameMine Hunter APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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If we take the ground as a benchmark, we can divide the world into two parts. These include the terrestrial world and the underground world. Life above ground may be familiar to us, from the atmosphere to the flowers and plants. Meanwhile, the underground world is much more mysterious. People usually only dig deep into the ground when they want to find something valuable, like mineral deposits. But the underground is cramped and lacks oxygen; many people have to die. So, what would life be like deep underground in a fantasy role-playing game? Let’s explore the game Mine Hunter, introduced by Loongcheer Game.

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Download Mine Hunter mod – Explore the mysterious dungeon

Mine Hunter was born based on a story set thousands of years ago. At that time, a series of unknown monsters created by the Abyss came to invade the world. All the people in the area agreed to defeat the monster to protect the peaceful life of the village. Before their efforts and solidarity, the demons were pushed into the depths of the earth. But that is not the end of them. The monsters have not died yet and are still the seeds of disaster. An orphan boy named Marson accidentally fell into the mine and had to face the ferocious monsters of the past. He was nearly killed many times. Fortunately, a hunter appeared and rescued him.

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In the hunter’s favor, Marson decided to start his adventure. He promised himself that he would destroy monsters to protect the peace of humanity. When participating in Mine Hunter, you will become a companion with Marson to repel the other evil forces. Defeat all the monsters that are hiding. At the same time, they bring their underground secrets to light. You will help the lives of the people here stop being haunted and afraid. Move freely to fight monsters in your style because Mine Hunter is an exciting action game. At the same time, pixel graphics create a highly eye-catching classic fighting style.

Mine Hunter mod apk

Dress up your hero

To be able to set foot in the dangerous dungeon and fight, your heroes must be fully equipped. With the battlefield terrain being a mining land, the necessary tools are also exceptional. For example, pickaxes to dig the ground, backpacks to store tools, and compasses to help locate appropriate outfits. In addition, there is another type of valuable item that you do not expect. That’s the pet. Pets will help your hero improve. In Mine Hunter, four heroic partners possess distinct fighting abilities. Players have the right to adjust the combat stats, such as stthe the agility or stamina of the character in the game.

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Fight bosses on various maps

The world at Mine Hunter is divided into four different dungeon maps. These include Toxic Swamp, Spider Nest, Forest Mine, and Abyss of Forest Mine. Each map will have its monsters and traps. Accordingly, the tasks that the character needs to perform will also be different. For example, when you come to Spider Nest, you must face the Elite Nanny Spider with a large body and spider webs spread like traps. The Elite Toxic Maw rules the Forest Mine and its teammates possess earth-shattering blows. Not only are giant bosses, but they also have dozens of mobs ready to steal you when the loopholes are revealed, so be careful to dodge attacks and counterattack quickly.

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Collect runes and artifact

If you have been on an adventure in the mines, you can’t ignore the rare gems deep in the ground. The player can see it on the side of the road or attached to the wall high above the head. But to be safe, you should only exploit them after killing all the monsters on that map. Otherwise, monsters can attack you. Collecting is also not difficult. Use your pickaxe to smack where the gem is so it will pop out on its own. Mine Hunter’s valuables are divided into two categories. First, runes will help you grow in power each time you use them. Second, the artifact will aid your battles in the dungeon.

Mine Hunter is a roguelike game full of fun. It possesses not only beautiful pixel graphics but also captivating gameplay. It is an action game, but you will not have to witness the brutal punching scenes. Instead, the shots have built-in lighting effects that look incredibly pleasing to the eye. Download Mine Hunter mod and join in killing monsters in the basement.

Download Mine Hunter MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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