MetaSoul MOD APK 1.1.1 (Menu PRO/Attack, defense multiplier)

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NameMetaSoul APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Attack, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MetaSoul presents difficult situations before the last apocalypse, you are rushing to prepare your strength not to let that happen. The player joins an organization called Siena, which is shielded from mutant attacks. Inside it, the Ellan system is favoured to install modern equipment for the development of the entire organization. Reload is a kind of advanced AI technology that constantly finds new ways to preserve human life. In the hope of keeping what remains for humans, the heroes of the system had to work at total capacity. You are also one of the great expectations of the whole world; the bosses are also looking for you.

MetaSoul mod

Download MetaSoul mod – Collect hero cards

MetaSoul offers about 320 hero cards; your task is to conquer them in all conditions. Warriors are rated from 1 to 7 stars, each with a unique skill. The particular points of each person will be revealed after you collect them on the team. The most important factor is training them to follow the tactics that they set out. Step the effort to the highest possible; you will own the best squad. What is left of the Earth that helps your process? The card is constantly updated on schedule; entering any round will give you the right hero objects.

MetaSoul apk

Humans, Ellas, Mechs and Mutants are the leading forces in MetaSoul. The adventures of these four clans are expected to bring fierce waves. Such a division helps you manage the squad more efficiently and control the number of talents. One person in a good team will do great things for the whole team. Distinguish each hero class according to their star count, doing so to select the team for each situation. The end of the world is near; every decision you make affects the fate of humanity. There will be no favour here for any player. So you have to turn the tide with your leadership.

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Story mode

To make MetaSoul more interesting, join the dynamic storylines here. Every adventure leaves its impression on you, corresponding to 100 stages. That is quite a long time for you to feel all the happenings. Players find secret information that helps them dig deeper into their organisation. Understanding what level the enemy is at is also a good way for you to win. The stories are cut into small and large interwoven scenes; each feeling is a special one. The story still has many directions to explore, given the ending for each situation. It is the player who can change the case and try it.

MetaSoul mod apk

Crisis with monsters

Big bosses were present to increase the attractiveness of the game. MetaSoul did not disappoint players, presenting enemies with an aggressive appearance. They possess massive bodies, and their every step wants to shake the world. Such mighty power, are you confident enough to defeat them? It won’t be easy if you fight alone, but you already have your comrades by your side. Support each other, so there is no space for the opponent to counterattack. Join the fight in the mystical area; the secret information is hidden. Erase your enemies from the Earth, one step further in your quest to run the world.


Special skills

Each enemy is a unique attack method that cannot be duplicated. It’s possible that the same kind of power was used twice. Skills are cultivated through the Siena organization, where you can develop to your fullest potential. Gather those kinds of mutant powers in one battle, lighting up an entire sky. Using a high-altitude strike strategy, bring lightning bolts to the demon’s head. The consecutive merciless beatings happen; you are the one to take the initiative to do it. If you don’t take the chance to fight now, there won’t be another chance. Instead, arrange the squad into positions, and prepare for the most explosive in history.

MetaSoul and players participate in the modern machine, and genius minds meet. Mainly discussing the upcoming strategy, and being decisive in all situations. The Earth couldn’t withstand any more attacks from the opponent; it was too much. The apocalypse time is also near; bad things are about to happen. Timely giving direction is your last response. Prepare a strong squad in advance; when the opponent appears, it’s time to enter the match. Download MetaSoul mod, defeat bosses in global wars, and show heroic bravery.

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