METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK 7.13.0 (Menu PRO/AP increases/No skill CoolDown)

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MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/AP increases/No skill CoolDown
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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METAL SLUG ATTACK is in the legendary game series of SNK PLAYMORE. Tactical defensive gameplay is familiar but still creates a huge attraction. Join the battle on many fronts, encounter many formidable enemies. You will play as a general and command the whole team to go to battle. Fight and assert your strength through each attack, protecting the safe base. Simultaneously attack to destroy the enemy base quickly. METAL SLUG ATTACK will allow players to decide to fight and take action to eliminate all enemies.


Download METAL SLUG ATTACK mod – Gather an army to fight on the battlefield

The enemy forces will be the object that you need to fight. They will not stand still for your army to easily defeat. As a talented commander, it is necessary to have tactics and gather warriors to fight. Step into each battle and make all enemies lose. Accompany each character, move to each location to attack. Make the enemy will face all challenges, dangers. Each battle screen that opens is also a time for you to show your own strength. Create powerful counterattacks, hitting the enemy’s weak points. Control each character to fight, achieve excellent results.


METAL SLUG ATTACK is the sequel to the success of Metal Slug Defense. The game will take you to fierce battles, protect the tower. Build an army and have the right strategies to fight. Accumulate more AP points at the start of the fight. It will help you to buy more warriors, weapons, use them to upgrade towers. Combine combat and defense, ensuring the safety of the whole team. AP points will also help kill enemies to increase quickly. The fighting power and ability to attack will significantly determine the victory of each match.


Improve army units

The main force involved in combat is the army. You will manage and command the units participating in the war. Each team will have different abilities for players to explore. They will automatically move to the location of the enemy and attack. Choose the right unit to accompany in every battle. Players also do not need to control too much. Activate more skills and equip the warrior with the necessary items. Upgrade for the whole team to become stronger, ready to face any challenge. Military units will also be changed at each level. Players will lead, improve their forces to fight at higher and more challenging levels.


Various missions

You will never get bored playing METAL SLUG ATTACK. Continually there are many different tasks for the player to perform. Free the army base, join the battle in many game modes. It can be said that this is a game that provides quite a few modes such as  Attack, Combat School, Special Ops, or Team Battle. Players choose arbitrarily, challenge all opponents. Move to each position and area to attack formidable opponents together. Set up a large team with many other players. Create dangerous attacks, not allowing the enemy to resist. Each completed mission, you will receive the corresponding reward. Participate in each battle, become one of the most powerful heroes.

METAL SLUG ATTACK mod download

Control the game

Observe the enemy and have appropriate countermeasures for each opponent. Control the army and perform the most fierce attacks. Ensure both offensive and defensive coordination in all areas. It will help the whole team quickly defeat the surprise raids from the enemy. Change the appropriate strategy in all situations, upgrade the army to be stronger and stronger. Hone more skills, train all warriors to experience in combat. With a military unit, destroy all enemies with one attack step by step.

The battle destroys all enemies, and tower defense always creates drama. You will command the whole team and challenge the opponents. Strategize and fortify troops entering the battlefield. Try to develop impressive units, ready to be in every match. Download METAL SLUG ATTACK mod to destroy the enemy base, coordinate with warriors to fight on all fierce battles.

Download METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK (Menu PRO/AP increases/No skill CoolDown) for Android

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