Merge Towers 3.6.0 MOD APK (Menu PRO, Auto win)

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NameMerge Towers APK
PublisherABI Global LTD
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO, Auto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Merge Towers reunite towers and build a vast kingdom. Tiny people fight the enemy day and night, the perfect combination to have a solid position. Not only the construction but also have to fight each other for the highest rank. Become a talented soldier, knowing how to reconcile everything to bring about a glorious victory. Calculate many options to protect your goal for the longest time, lead a mighty army, and advance to fight the opponent without hesitation. Free to build, but according to the rules of combining 2 or 3 towers to get a powerful kingdom, no force invades.

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Download Merge Towers mod – Defend the kingdom from invasion

Enemies are approaching you quickly, and if you are not quick, you will surely fail. Merge Towers brings small but martial castles. After the combinations of houses together will bring out the kingdom, soldiers are also produced quickly. Your army must gather and fight together soon. After the reunions, you will have a separate power to be able to fight intensely. Combine castles and create intense confrontations; from those kingdoms, you will have soldiers appear. Come up with a quick strategy to promptly counter-attack your opponent, and there’s not much time.

Establishing a kingdom is not easy because there are armies of foreign enemies invading your territory. As the leading soldier, do not let that happen, so you must be determined to regain your position. Fighting and defending is your daily mission, combined with tower matching. There will be many obstacles in front of you, but all challenges will pass. Every day you build a kingdom by putting two towers together, which will spawn a giant castle. With this simple gameplay, you will have to speed up when needed, and the enemy comes faster than you think.

Merge Towers apk

Build and merge

Construction takes place daily, and it needs the most favorable environment to develop. Use the resources you earn to create beautiful kingdoms. The process of changing the structure of your domain is in your hands. For every two buildings combined, you have a larger building lined up in long rows. Move the courts most reasonably and create solid goalkeepers so no opponent can penetrate. But that is the reason why foreign invaders form a plot to rob your property. After the combination of opportunities to destroy the opponent is also easier. The ramparts will be a great stepping stone to prevent the enemy’s attack and preserve the force.

Merge Towers mod

Kingdom war

Merge Towers opens up intense battles between forces, creating pressure for you. They come to you quickly, suffocatingly intrusive. Your territory is gradually being taken over, don’t let that happen. The core thing you have to build is human resources, and the army must be strong to fight. Many problems will occur to you, so focus on the matches. You can continue to pair two whole castles together, and the army also comes from there. Every two small towers produce tiny soldiers and continue to combine those two to create a mighty martial artist. The shape of the mains will get bigger and bigger with each level.

Merge Towers mod apk

The head of power

In Merge Towers, you will play the manager role and arrange the forces according to the battle model. Will be the person who is responsible for all of these tournaments. The times you discover new territories are also your credit; the forest and sea scenery will be an excellent choice for you. You will be a professional leader with great battles, wholeheartedly for the kingdom. Connecting more than ten maps, players unleash their talents. Simple, fast but speed operations will help you overcome your opponent. Go up in glorious victory and bring down your opponents in your way. Many battles bear your name at the top, do not let the soldiers down.

Merge Towers with engaging experiences will surely make players do great things. With soldiers with a small stature but highly determined. With the weapons equipped, the enthusiastic support tool has reduced the burden on your shoulders. The mighty army will gradually become powerful, and you will not have to be afraid of any opponent. Your kingdom will bring many exciting things, but if you don’t know how to protect it, it’s a pity. Quality in combat will help you get a foothold in this game. Download Merge Towers to become a talented leader with talented soldiers.

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