Merge Tower Defense 3D 0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Tower Defense 3D APK
PublisherSkylink Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Merge Tower Defense 3D uses magic to merge characters, advancing into fierce battles. With the task of combining heroes to have a better product, you will bring many moments of sublimation combat. Those are unpredictable transformations, leading to more special heroes. Play as a team to tackle diabolical enemies, all of whom are severe opponents to you. Tactics need to be used wisely; otherwise, it is very easy to counterattack. Your job now is to own brave heroes with outstanding strength to join you in attacking the giants overwhelming this world.

Merge Tower Defense 3D android

Download Merge Tower Defense 3D mod – Merge fighting heroes

Merge Tower Defense 3D uses the gameplay of tower defense; building the tower is the base for you to fight. Players have the right to merge two small heroes to have a bigger and stronger warrior. Your opponents are monsters, giant dragons, and they are screaming to attack you. Don’t let failure happen, or the world will belong to them. Instead, you get a hero with outstanding fighting power for every two similar characters. To create competitive warriors, a lot of fusion is needed. The combination operations are elementary, just drag two characters together and wait for suspicious results.

The journey against the enemy is short or long, depending on your level. Many bosses make it difficult for you to fight; equal competitions make you lose strength. Improve energy your way, unlock more you will gain. With exemplary achievements after the matches, you will receive well-deserved bonuses. Use that property to upgrade the team, and own powerful teammates. The wars always have your presence, so used to the defenses but sometimes need a new twist. Getting more potent after each level is what you are conquering. Players need to have a strategy that cannot be imposed in general, so it will not succeed.

Merge Tower Defense 3D mod

Conquer many spaces

Playing from multiple angles is always more fun than playing in one location. That is also why Merge Tower Defense 3D creates many different terrains. The maps have been carefully designed, and your base is renewed with each level. Conquer them in each group, and upgrade to change the combat atmosphere. With the challenges in the new space, you will be more excited and more determined to fight. So the more levels you go through, the more you prove your combat ability. Just win the previous rounds, and you can unlock the next game. Earn a lot of money and diamonds after each match to open the following map.

Merge Tower Defense 3D apk

Fight with giants

The tycoons will make you admire their vast talent and appearance. Overwhelming should only appear for the first time; if you prolong it, you can’t fight. You must keep calm and devise many tactics to defeat them. Giant monsters, dark dragons, and fierce wolves. Many boss bosses will appear after you destroy their backhands. Through many layers of barriers, you have also met the boss. Its power can blow you away within a note if you do not have a whole body. Therefore, merging is extremely important so that you have a lot of strength to fight the enemy.

Merge Tower Defense 3D mod apk

Hero character set

Merge Tower Defense 3D design 30 beautiful heroes with many different designs. Each hero is a unique strength, and each person has their strength. Knowing their status and strengths will give you a unique way of fighting. Upgrade them in power by merging, using the money earned to buy new weapons. From the minor characters, unable to participate in the fight with the boss, through many combinations, they have brought a new look. Possessing extra wings, ultimate weapons, and ultimate costumes will help you fight to the end. Gather them into a mighty team of warriors, sending each hero into different battles.

Merge Tower Defense 3D opens up wars with realistic gameplay. The hero images are depicted with multi-colors that make you much more interested. Offering a variety of options in merging and combat terrain, players have control over everything. Hold the handle in matches, so you don’t feel inferior to your opponent. So wait for the opportunity to attack, do not rush, or you will lose. Play on many levels to improve your abilities and fighting techniques. Download Merge Tower Defense 3D mod, merge heroes for mighty destructive power.

Download Merge Tower Defense 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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