Merge Master: Robot Action Car 1 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defence multiplier)

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NameMerge Master: Robot Action Car APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage, defence multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Transforming robots will fight and serve you in Merge Master: Robot Action Car. They are the most effective tool to fight evil robot forces. They can threaten the survival of humanity on earth. Therefore a significant confrontation is inevitable. To bring victory, you must have a solid army to fight them. Build efficiently and upgrade continuously to become stronger. Make it impossible for other forces to threaten your planet. Become an ally and lead your cyborgs to glory. This war will have no tolerance at all.

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Download Merge Master: Robot Action Car mod – Fight side by side with transforming robots

The transforming robot movie has become extremely popular from animation to movies. It makes people feel nervous when each piece of metal collides. Transform and form giant and robust robots. These battles are now included in Merge Master: Robot Action Car. Show you the even greater fury of the events unfolding in the film. Players will manually own and control these robots. Turn them into powerful tools for you. Find new things in your journey to confront the enemy. From there, draw meaningful life lessons to apply to yourself.

Your ultimate task in each war is to control your army of robots. How can they destroy all the enemies in front of them? You can look up the enemy’s level to see the difference in power. Based on that, start upgrading your robots. When you merge similar robots, you will form a more robust version. This upgrade will help you increase your chances against your opponents. Then, create sufficient troops and start a war to destroy all your enemies. Make them fail again and again to give your righteous side the edge.

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Robot upgrade

It would be best to consider how your robots could keep up with the enemy’s power. There is no other choice but to merge to upgrade. After being combined, each level of the robot will create a more robust version. Both in appearance and fighting style will be superior to before. You can see the amount of damage dealt by judging accurately. If your robots are not strong enough, it is easy to be destroyed by the enemy. Therefore, being as strong or more robust is the decisive factor for the match’s outcome. Using numbers to overwhelm the enemy is also an excellent method to apply.

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Hard to win

Whether or not you can defeat the enemy is also a massive challenge for you. The enemies you face are always one step ahead in level and strength. When you see an opponent in the ring, you can immediately recognize this. They are the characters on the side of the villains you see in the movies. Leaders with sinister plots can get you in big trouble. In particular, they also have mighty minions. So killing them will give you one of the special rewards. So this is the goal that you must achieve. But their destructive power should not be underestimated.

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Increase salary

Whether you can recruit more robots depends on the money you earn. So the more money you earn, the more opportunities you have to upgrade your products. We have an instant income booster built in. You need to activate it to double your earnings every second. This will enhance your ability to progress better. Easily reach your desired strength threshold. Quickly launch the battle you’ve been waiting for. The booster, after activation, needs to wait, or you can pay or watch the video to activate it even faster.

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For fans of transforming robots, you should choose this game. It excellently reproduces a large-scale battle scene amidst modern technology. Allows you to become a commander with ultimate power in your hands. Do everything for a better future for humanity. All efforts will pay off no matter how many times you fail. Merge Master: Robot Action Car mod is still the enormous battlefield you’ll ever join.

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