Merge Master Alien 1.1.3 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defence multiplier)

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NameMerge Master Alien APK
PublisherBranny Games
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage, defence multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Merge Master Alien is a game that involves merging characters and offering authentic strategy. You will play the role of soldiers and control them to participate in the arena. The situation you reach will be in a simulation rather than a natural arena. But this does not make you depressed, but the graphics save this drawback. Heroes are considered humanity’s last hope; aliens always make you suffer. Your mission is to wipe out those unruly enemies from the earth. The time the strategy game takes place, how long will you have to accompany the troops?

Merge Master Alien apk

Download Merge Main Alien mod – Play as a soldier to protect the world

Where will your arduous journey go, will there be any outstanding achievements left? You must show inherent eloquence as a mighty warrior wearing a powerful blue shirt. Besides, when participating in battle with teammates, you are also more confident. Faced with many enemies, they are tall and possess many unique tactics. The player, although not weak, should not be subjective because the situation is constantly changing. Your army in position, under your talented control, will achieve great prizes. Compete little by little to not miss any opportunities; rewards and trophies are always waiting for you to conquer.

Merge Master Alien mod

The higher the level, the more formidable the monster’s resistance is. It would be best if you also honed your ability to dodge and counterattack immediately before going into battle. Supplement weapons, complete equipment, not allowed to lack anything. React and make quick decisions when sanctioning opponents. If you are not one step faster than the aliens, everything will come to a standstill. Appreciate the upgrades and renewal of yourself and your teammates. Agree on the entire strategy, can’t let mistakes happen in the course of action. The moves you throw will not be retracted, so be careful.

Merge Master Alien mod apk

Development of the army

Blue-shirt heroes have muscular strength; more than that is patriotism. The world needs you right now; it needs to be green everywhere. Your army is constantly renewed thanks to the transformation of soldiers; additional weapons are installed. Assemble an army first and then begin to accept the challenge and act. The spartan soldiers in the first level have changed 180 degrees from the present time. So it would be best if you transformed them like that to achieve impressive results constantly. Use your finger to control the screen, which is flexible for each position. Allocate people according to tasks, and try to complete all assigned missions.

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Top fusion

The army heroes are separate individuals, but when combined, they are fantastic, from small, passive soldiers to possessing agile speed. It is the manifestation of the 1st fusion, followed by the 2nd time you have become a kind monster. Monsters refer to giants and cunning soldiers. You have to reach that level to defeat the aliens; they are also in the renewal process. Energy evolution is getting bigger and bigger, so it’s not a disadvantage. The more integrated, the more satisfactory results, but there are limits. Win to combine two similar soldiers, and so on for the team.

Merge Master Alien

Additional weapons

Players who want to increase the win rate should use weapons. You use guns to shoot directly at the enemy or use cannons and tanks. Those types of war vehicles also have the right to upgrade, so keep an eye on them. Just after an intense battle, you can let loose. But to get that comfortable feeling, you have put in a lot of effort, success in part thanks to weapons. The type of gun that is the case with the war should be used by you most of all. Stand neatly in the squares, and arrange your troops like you are playing chess. Do everything you can to win, or the weapon will quickly become obsolete.

Merge Master Alien is about alien invasion stories with soldiers. You are one of the brightest team members; and making a good impression on your own is good. Explore character routes cchainsto get information soon. The stories will be summarized in a picture divided into many scenes. Heroes need a balance between skills and weapons, neither of which can be higher or lower. This balance helps you have a better strategy for how to use people. Download Merge Master Alien mod, show the brave fighting spirit of the soldiers, and complete the mission to protect the world.

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