Merge Cannon Defense 3D MOD APK 1.0.8 (Unlimited money, crystal, towers)

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NameMerge Cannon Defense 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, crystal, towers
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Merge Cannon Defense 3D challenges players with fierce battles between humans and obstacles. The old planet is no longer habitable, forcing humans to leave. They begin to build a new life in a world far away, but it is not easy. You are continuous, and dense barriers that make it difficult for you to overcome. Players are required to build cannons and have a high-level defence to fight to the end. Make sure you and your army are safe; it won’t be conquered easily. When you shoot down the other shields, you will receive a corresponding number of points. Show the abilities of mighty warriors, representing humanity.

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Download Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod – Build a new house

The universe’s situation has changed; resources have been depleted a lot, and people can no longer live. The Earth is no longer suitable for survival, forcing you to think of new options. Offer a quick solution by building a new home with a unique journey. But trouble appears as soon as you open this adventure. Opponents are not ferocious monsters; they are simply squares. But their strength is indisputable; they are lined up in a solid wall. Each square will be attached with numbers; your job is to shoot them to return to zero, breaking each fence.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D

Unidentifiable enemies have attacked you; solve them before you build a new place. To experience further enjoyment, you have to pay the price with action. Your army is powerful tanks; they have powerful bullets. The number of enemies is increasing rapidly; you can hardly control this growth. Only intense fire and speed towards them can solve it. Players cannot stop bullets for a second because their army will be in danger. Instead, try to achieve remarkable goals and build a new planet for humanity.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D apk

Unlock dozens of cannons

Fortresses, big and small, become your only resource in Merge Cannon Defense 3D. They will gather and release as much ammo as possible. The number of cannons through each round of play is also upgraded from 3 to all three rows of guns corresponding to 10 shells fired simultaneously. The merge function will also give your rifle a complete look. Let’s create mighty guns, whether weak or strong; when they come back to the same team, they will all explode. There must be cannons that complement each other for the player to go long distances. Collect massive guns, and assemble a mighty army under your control.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod apk

Protect yourself

In the face of a fierce wave of enemies, you must arrange your army in many positions. The firing directions must be precisely aligned. Otherwise, it will be costly. You don’t have much time to play around with these unknown obstacles, forcing the fight to the end. Preserve your artillery force, don’t lose a single warrior. Upgrading the type of bullets fired is also a way to protect yourself. Humanity’s hopes are on you; there’s no other choice. The layout of the complicated squares will make you use a lot of energy; it is not easy to shoot a few shots that have caused the number on that obstacle to return to zero.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod

Collect coins

Coins can return to your pocket automatically and quickly; break the brick block. Players rapidly become wealthy; this money helps to upgrade cannons and build new houses. Navigate worldwide to destroy all these nasty squares to win big bonus points. Coins are gradually filling up daily, contributing to promoting your brand. Building an army costs a lot of money; how can it be done without this valuable asset? Fight to the end to get your life back and the chance to move on to the new planet. So let’s make these coins valuable in the shortest time.

Merge Cannon Defense 3D is an endless competition with no signs of ending for humans. There’s always a challenge, no matter where you’re at. You are the only hero in this world; no one can replace you. What you do for this planet is recognized resulting in new life—constantly improving artillery shells possessing the most powerful missiles. Upgrade the ammo type to have superior power over all. These unknown feuds will always find a way to attack you, so be careful. Download Merge Cannon Defense 3D mod, and eliminate evil enemies to create a new planet.

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