Mega War 1.010 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money)

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NameMega War APK
PublisherMega Combat Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Mega War conducts battles with other nations, proves its prowess, and leads the world. The presence of 5 countries, Human, Dwarf, The Horde, Demon, and Undead, has brought the competition to a climax. You will grow up and gain more combat experience with the fierceness it brings. Reaching out to the world is already a miracle; winning the collective is even more famous. Working on multiple modes, you will integrate many tournaments and challenge new players for more improvements. Build a strong army of heroes to successfully battle the matches in the seasons the game has established.

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Download Mega War mod – Become a master at every battlefield

Mega War allows you to play as a team, collecting people with solid abilities to join. The battlefield cannot be without you, and the opponent is waiting for you to accept the first challenge. The never-ending tug-of-war resulted in much harm but nothing. Loss can be regained, and you can do more than that. The combat units come from many different factions, with the same goal of being at the world’s top. A challenging encounter led to the outbreak of war. Participate in big matches to reach further and add more perfect strategies. All your efforts are worth the results you get.

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The battlefield at Mega War requires players to have steel spirit. Easy to learn, but not all warriors have the correct strategy. All your actions are based on the experience you have accumulated. As a leader, you must be wise in all decisions, not allowing your team to fall into a state of bondage, powerless before the opponent. Enemies are always lurking, and destruction is inevitable, but try to prolong the match. Hundreds of missions are set up, and you conquer the smallest to become significant. Collect large and small prizes after each battle; the more you win, the more surprises you will receive.

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Build hero cards

Mega War set up more than 100 hero cards, and players only need to conquer. The skills of each warrior will make you admire and want to hunt at all levels. With the top heroes, you need more time but highly worth it. Every character in the legend appears as Dragon, Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Taurent… You have many choices, but you must also consider your physical condition to hunt. When owning those heroes, you need to have your strategy to develop each individual. Each person will give you different energy, so it is essential to upgrade them to grow stronger.

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Boss fight

Enemies ambush everywhere; as long as you are ready, there is an explosive battle. From tiny defenders to giant tycoons, everyone has special powers. You must fight with them all and overcome their barriers to reach the destination safely. Challenge yourself in many ways, and face all enemies to receive many new opportunities. You raid enemy territory, directing armies to invade their lands. Choose one of the five countries that Mega War has built, and start the journey to conquer the love enemy. Win the championship, tame all the enemies in the world. Your outstanding performance will be brought to the international battlefield.

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Strength improvement

The hero cards you collect are in dire need of upgrading. They need to possess a breakthrough power to fight the remaining four countries. Powerful day bosses make other opponents wary, including you. You collect treasures and valuable assets in exchange for strength for heroes. Go into the shop to change the warrior’s unique ability and continue the action. Owning many treasure chests, you receive many class items from serving in the battle later. Accumulate new cards at higher levels and level up for each character. The improved strength will increase the battle ratio, according to your story.

Mega War fights hard in the world arena, fighting day and night to improve strength. Whether your army is strong or not depends on the player’s ability. There are many options in gathering troops, so be careful in each collection; calculating will succeed. Fight to the end to achieve your greatest ambition, to become the god of war. Players can also buy and sell hero cards to renew their military formations if needed. Play in friend mode to feel more flavors, and fight more eloquently. Download Mega War mod, take the army to fight the country, and find glory for yourself.

Download Mega War MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money) for Android

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