Mega Tower 3.2.2 MOD APK (Menu PRO, Unlimited ammo, instant win, 1hit)

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NameMega Tower APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO, Unlimited ammo, instant win, 1hit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Mega Tower recreates the outbreak of star wars. Step into the future world with many exciting happenings. Players will lead the army and fight together. Explore all developments provided by Mega Tower, fight to destroy all enemies. Defend the tower and don’t let any enemies attack. Step by step, prevent evil actions, build a battle strategy. Gather a powerful army to destroy the enemy force in the fastest time.

Mega Tower mod

Download Mega Tower mod – Fight for safe tower defense

It’s still the familiar tower defense gameplay, it’s easy to get used to the gameplay. Go to the border to meet opponents and attack them. Tower defense is safe, participate in all battles. Aim at each target, eliminate them instantly. Combine with teammates, both destroy the enemy and develop the tower more and more solid. Idle game, providing extreme entertainment. Take you to each battle, show your own strength. Have a mindset to have new fighting styles, not giving the enemy a chance to counterattack. After each match ends, the results will be announced, destroying all enemies is the winner.

Mega Tower mod apk

Wars begin when the opponent’s summoner appears. They will also be the force that the player needs to destroy. The planet is home to dangerous riots. Therefore, the tower you are building can also be destroyed at any time. Step by step completes and strengthens the tower to be complete and solid. Start with every battle, stand in front of the most potent forces. Eliminate threats, don’t let the enemy achieve their goals. Everything will be done by the actions that the player controls. Lead the battle on every match to achieve victory.

Mega Tower mod android

Facing all enemies

Players will face the dangerous challenge of the enemy army step by step. With the existence of up to billions of years, the opponent has extreme destructive power. They can ultimately defeat you with just one attack. When they see you appear, they will immediately take action in succession. Their target is you, the opponent will constantly cause obstacles. Thoroughly equipped with defense, there are ways to deal with each creature. Facing enemies is always a significant obstacle. Gather defenders around the tower, summon a powerful force ready to declare war.

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Tower defense skills

In addition to strength, combat skills are essential. Improve combat power and easily resist attacks from enemies. Creates consequential damage, causing the enemy to lose quickly. Increase the amount of HP to be able to destroy each formidable opponent. These skills make an important contribution to counterattacks, preserving strength. Unlock more new fighting styles and skills after each level up. Conquer the challenge at the ultimate level without harming your opponents. Sometimes, players also need to take time to recover from being hit by enemy bullets. Use combat experience to reduce the risk of falling into dangerous situations.

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Planet upgrade

Build more pylons to make your tower stronger than ever. Collect more resources during the battle, ensuring the tower is completed. The higher the tower’s turret, the more it will avoid the enemy’s attacks. Players will need to keep collecting a variety of resources. Merge buildings and make repairs to perfect tower construction. The planet from there will also get a safe habitation and the same gamers present in the high levels of play.

Conquer all opponents around the world, starting with exciting levels. The battle to eliminate enemies from the planet will end when you destroy them all. Each development will be shown through the counterattacks, the style of play that the player performs. Download Mega Tower mod tower defense against attacks from cruel opponents.

Download Mega Tower MOD APK (Menu PRO, Unlimited ammo, instant win, 1hit) for Android

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