Matching Story 1.15.01 MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds)

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NameMatching Story APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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You will become the first to set foot on the deserted island of Matching Story. A new journey is about to open with many strange things, is this your second home? Will this barren place have flowers blooming and animals living in the future? With one hand, you do it all; all life here is budding thanks to the player’s care. You also want to explore the space here to see what’s interesting. A new look will appear with surprises, and the island will become the centre of the universe, lighting up the sky. Be absorbed in the magic waves, turning this place into the most magical land in the world. Admire the second house shortly.

Matching Story

Download Matching Story mod – Renew the island at will

The space is initially empty, without anything you can lean on. You put every tree, flower, and animal there with the hope of flourishing. Players are dedicated to these magical blueprints, every day enthusiastically taking care of the development of the island. The island with colourful scenery will transform according to your fairy dream. It will shine brightly as your nurturing ingredients grow and reach their peak. Just looking at them every day, the results are visible in front of your eyes, becoming an excellent motivation for you to continue. Just develop the island, and turn an unfamiliar place into a familiar place you want to return to.

Matching Story mod apk

Life is sown, and all scenes begin to develop. The island will surprise the player; you can also make a breakthrough. Matching Story brings hidden needs for players to discover for a long time. You come into contact with the creatures and plants you create; you will know much of that information. It’s not natural that life comes so quickly; you need more magic. Miracles will make dreams you never thought possible. Fresh moments will always overflow, never diminish but fill up. Enjoy this new atmosphere, bouncing around in your wonderland.

Matching Story mod

Cute puzzle piece

Matching Story creates a match-3 puzzle game that challenges you; if successful, you receive many items. The ultimate goal is to create a fairy garden, which many things you do not have; what to do? It is not easy to own valuable resources in exchange for your strength. Fairy tale adventure is visited through puzzles. You move gems of the same colour onto the row and wait for them to merge. When it disappears, you have done the proper challenge. Three stones of the same colour placed next to each other is a success. Better with a row of gems from 5 cells, now you get the power to break the puzzle and get a mountain of trophies.

Matching Story apk

Merge everything

From the house, animals, trees, and flowers are fused with a unique style. When the player sees two similar-looking objects, immediately pull them together. At that time, the merger will take place; the new work will be born. Such a combination will help you own more perfect objects and animals; with a more evolved appearance. From a small house, it gradually developed into a massive building with full facilities. The giraffe also grew up and began to reproduce the next litter. The island continued to expand with villas, green trees and other plants and animals living together.

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Enjoy the stories

Coming to Matching Story, you cannot ignore the exciting plot. Characters will appear; they are the key to creating fun dialogue. You have new friends, neighbours, and even strangers who come to your island to live. Gradually, those unfamiliar relationships turned into close friends. Many mysterious characters, until revealed, you find them familiar or not. Inspired by cartoon characters, boys and girls have come into your life. They all have their personalities, each with a story combined into a full-length novel. Just enjoy what’s going on, and have fun.

Matching Story is a beautiful journey with so many exciting things. You feel it clearly because the player is attached to the island from day one. You understand this place and find different ways to build a new life. Flora and fauna here all deserve to live long with your Story. The merged works are always preferred over the original appearance. The entire decision is yours; the player already owns the island. Download Matching Story mod, design and decorate the island according to your style.

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