Manga Clash 2.20.221104 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier)

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NameManga Clash APK
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CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Anime is a well-known Japanese style of writing. Indeed you are familiar with this term when watching movies or comics about the land of cherry blossoms. However, with the advantages of visuals, anime is also used in game production. Many creators choose this style for their entertaining designs, partly because the anime characters are famous and familiar to the public. Therefore, using anime is a way to reach users more efficiently. A typical game of this style is Manga Clash. This game is produced by Waggon Games for ages 12 and up. Let’s discover exciting things in Manga Clash.

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Download Manga Clash mod – Immerse yourself in the unique anime world

Once upon a time, in the anime world, people lived in unity. Fights take place only when there is danger coming in from the outside. But now, the anime is divided. Where does the cause come from? It was due to the appearance of evil magic. It is unclear who controls this magic, but it has made the anime world more chaotic than ever. Strange magic has taken possession of a hero in the anime world. Before, he had been the defender of the world, a man who sided with the righteous side. However, under the influence of magic, the hero turns evil. He destroyed the anime world himself and hurt his kind.

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The change of the other hero led to deadly battles in the anime world. Faced with such a situation, the god in this community could not sit still. He was trying to summon other heroes that weren’t affected by magic. This is the only way to destroy the raging dark forces. Moreover, he wanted to dispel the magic of the unfortunate hero. In Manga Clash, there are many righteous heroes. They are ready to become a team to carry out the mission when called upon. So fighting as a team is possible as you wish. Players will control their army to fight other servers from around the world.

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Hero collection

As mentioned, in Manga Clash, there are hundreds of hero cards that the player can summon. Each has its unique ability. Therefore, they will become the most ppowerfularmy when combined into a team. No magic can break the power of connection. The heroes in Manga Clash are both male and female. For example, Hanuman can support teammates and win super fast. As for Mecha Girl, if the enemy can’t interrupt her skills, she will become a nightmare for them. The stats of each hero’s combat ability are listed below the card. It would help if yTherefore, you relied on that to choose the desired lineup.

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Combine hero’s skills

If you are worried that the hero’s strength is not enough to resist magic, forget it. In Manga Clash, there is a special mode that combines skills. Thanks to that, you can merge the unique abilities of different heroes into one tremendous skill. If these attacks were to be unleashed, the opponent would surely be unable to escape. For example, combining two female warriors can create a tornado that simultaneously wipes out five enemies. However, to take advantage of this feature, you must have a diverse collection of heroes. Through many missions, heroes will gradually appear at different levels to accompany you.

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Pet summon

In Manga Clash, people capable of fighting are not only heroes. The manufacturer has created dozens of pets to help in confrontations. Whether cute or fierce in appearance, each pet has its unique abilities. These are all animals that come out of legendary stories. There are a few familiar names like Pika, Seed Frog, Imp, Christmas Chopper, King Kong, Garuru, and many more. Inside the pet list, you can capture the detailed stats of the pets. At the same time, players can upgrade them to become stronger. These animals will appear in turn at each level that you go through instead of appearing simultaneously.

Manga Clash is a role-playing game with a highly eye-catching design and familiar anime style. Transforming into a character, you will become a hero fighting in epic confrontations full of hardships. The highest goal is to keep the anime world at peace. More than that, dark magic must be repelled from this land. Download Manga Clash mod and join the fight with anime heroes.

Download Manga Clash MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier) for Android

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