Mana Monsters 3.18.0 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Damage multiplier)

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NameMana Monsters APK
PublisherOuterdawn Limited
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/Damage multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Puzzle to combine and create your strongest monsters. Mana Monsters is truly a game for entertainment after stressful working moments. Play as a professional monster breeder. You have to evolve and give them the power to defeat other evil monsters. Although they are monsters, the creatures you raise are cute and not scary at all. You can collect as many demons and create your strongest squad. Use wits and tactics to win monster battles. Although there are many factors to learn, it is still straightforward to help you relax and enjoy.

Mana Monsters mod

Download Mana Monsters mod – Cultivate endless fighting monsters

Each monster has its characteristics that represent its power and origin. At the start of the game, you will obtain a random monster. No player is the same as any other player. Nurture them to the necessary levels to be ready for battle. The battles inside Mana Monsters are between raised monsters and evil monsters. Players can also compete and challenge to see whose monster is more robust. But before getting to that point, let’s start with the basics. Monsters will be presented as cards for you to collect. When entering battle, choose a card to summon the corresponding monster and start fighting.

The combat mechanism of Mana Monsters is surprisingly creative when combined with simple puzzle levels. It’s just that you try to move the icons until they are similar to each other. Instead, collect symbols and convert them to attack power on enemies. Keep doing this until the enemy runs out of health, and you will be the winner. Each puzzle game screen has a different layout that changes continuously. The key to winning is ingenuity and an eye-catching selection of the correct symbols. A little luck also brings many interesting, unexpected wins. In general, the way the monsters fight in Mana Monsters is easy to grasp if you have never encountered it.

Mana Monsters mod apk

Evolve your monster

Monsters have levels to increase as they fight. It will make the beast more robust but also requires some effort from the player. You must collect a sufficient number of monster cards of the same type. Then I will evolve monsters and change their shape. All stats and skills will be increased. Applied to all monsters, their appearance when growing up will change markedly. Because in battle, you can only bring a single monster. They will always get a highlight in their battles, not to mention the squad mode when we can combine many monsters into a team to fight.

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Build a training camp

You and all the monsters will train together at the barracks. This is where you will always return after every intense battle. Use your free time to give your monsters a break and increase their power. I have a shop area to buy items that monsters will need. The Summoning Altar will summon new monsters to accompany you. The egg incubator also creates new monsters for you to raise as soon as they are born. Other areas help strengthen equipment, learn magic… Some places will need a certain amount of resources to upgrade. Earning them is pretty easy when the story mode in Mana Monsters has everything for you to collect.

Mana Monsters mod free

Monster competition challenge

Every player is looking forward to the monster competition with other players. This is Mana Monsters PvP mode. You and your opponent choose your strongest monsters and face off against each other. Since they have their system, there will be monsters that counter each other. Battles will become even more dramatic when there are lingering skills and effects. Anyway, the speed of the matches is breakneck and intense. Requires you to devise a plan with the fastest speed and timely handling so that the opponent cannot defeat you. The battle between monsters also has a ranking system to increase competitiveness.

Mana Monsters free

Raise monsters and let them show their full power in battles. Collect the right items to make your lovely warriors stronger. Mana Monsters do not require any complex skills from the player. You will use everything you earn to win. Besides, fighting is upgrading monsters and adding cute creatures to your collection. Download Mana Monsters mod to enter the mystical monster world right now.

Download Mana Monsters MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Damage multiplier) for Android

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