Magnet Miner MOD APK 1.61 (Unlimited money)

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NameMagnet Miner APK
PublisherRay Mobile Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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If you are passionate about gold mining, do not miss the opportunity that Magnet Miner creates for us. A place where the most skilled artisans can find bargains for themselves. Search for all the precious things that are lying deep in the earth. Bring them up and wait for the opportunity to prosper and become rich. We can easily make money with just a little precision and agility. This is practically one of those things that anyone wants. Especially if you have a great desire to be rich, striving to improve yourself will be the only way to your goal. Ignoring it will be the worst decision you’ll ever make.

Magnet Miner mod android

Download Magnet Miner mod – Find valuable things in the mines

The underground treasures are waiting for you to exploit with your skills. Only miners can perform this task. But it is difficult to do this in practice because it is dangerous. Fortunately, Magnet Miner is just a simple entertainment game. That is, you do not need to worry about any damage happening. Just feel free to open the device and the game to start enjoying it. It was one of those simple forms inspired by the legendary gold digger. Now a new way of playing can make you feel excited—no more boring dead time like before.

The gameplay of Magnet Miner is no different from the classic gameplay of the legends. But some details have been omitted to make it easier to get used to. We need to put the tow hook under the pre-dug mine. Then let the magnet attract things it encounters along the way. Wait for the interest to pull up, and you’ve got tons of items that can be harvested. Depending on each pull, we get different harvests. Sometimes you will be wealthy, and other times, you will find nothing. It’s a rule, but you can improve by upgrading. Increased harvest efficiency as we hunt for the most precious items.

Magnet Miner mod

Harvest treasure

Treasure is something anyone wants to hunt to earn money and be rich. It depends on the harvest that you control the magnet to get. We will have a lot of gold nuggets scattered around the ground randomly. Occasionally, a few treasure chests and diamonds will appear. The most are rocks and leaves that are pretty easy for you to pull up because their number is many. These stones or iron are of relatively low value and are not worth the money. There are also some moles carrying gems. So be selective about what you pull up. The exact timing is the deciding factor for each of your pulls.

Magnet Miner mod apk

Feature upgrade

If you want to harvest more, you need to get better conditions. Let’s start with the cheapest storage upgrade. Storage will help you store more items when pulled up to convert to money. It would be best to max out your inventory before moving on to something else. Next is upgrading the kerosene lamp, a handy tool for illuminating the dark underground mines. When the magnet goes down deep, it will give you a wider field of view. Finally, an idle harvest tent with the ability to generate gold continuously. It can help your gold accumulate on its own without doing anything. You need to bring the factors to the highest level to play comfortably.

Magnet Miner mod free

Go deeper

Once qualified, you will be paid to dig deeper. You are coming to the layers of soil containing things even more precious than the original. In these new levels of land will appear many things that can help you gain more profit. Discarded items will also cost a bit more if unlucky enough to be picked up. You will advance to new stages to strengthen your current amount. Get richer with all the rides just made. Your bar magnet is something that can gather metal quickly. It will find things that you may have never seen before. Also, probe to see what is lying on the ground.

Overall, this is a game no less than the classic gold miner with fun. Even this new way of playing makes you like it even more. But to become a professional gold digger, you need to work hard. Just practice and accumulate a lot of new experiences for yourself. Open the era of a boss with unique wealth skills created. Magnet Miner mod is the address for you to become rich.

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