Magic World 1.2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameMagic World APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Magic World mod is a strategy game with many epic elements. When coming here, players will be joining the battle like real heroes. In that very suffocating atmosphere, you have to show your strength. This will be fully revealed by the skills that you control the character. Magic World possesses not too complicated tactical gameplay. Therefore, regardless of the object, it only takes a little time to get used to it. There are quite a few unique missions present here for players to conquer. Besides, you also have the opportunity to discover a new land during the trip. Magic World will constantly innovate, never to let you get bored.

Magic World mod

Download Magic World mod – Crossing mysterious lands

The kingdom you come to is appearing an evil force. They are dangerous monsters that are invading and raging this place. Unable to accept this situation to continue, you will have to face them to save the kingdom. Accompanying you is not only a single hero but a team of mighty soldiers. To be able to defeat and destroy them on a single note quickly, the player must prepare carefully. Please take advantage of the warriors’ unique abilities to turn them to your army’s advantage. Use clever tactics to master every situation in Magic World.

Magic World mod apk

Coming to the first screen of Magic World, players will be transformed into talented knights. Along with his white horse, he will perform the first mission. Before encountering the monsters that appear along the trail, you should collect diamonds. It will be essential when you enter the next level. The battle between the two sides will officially start when the enemy appears. Tap the Accept icon to step into a new journey. To continue, the player needs a professional army. The mobilized warriors will turn on the ready mode to face the challenge. Never back down. Go forward to complete the enormous task.

Concentrate all your strength

Unlike other games of the same genre, Magic World will offer a honeycomb screen. On the left are the level soldiers you will control. The opposite side will be the enemy team you need to deal with. The first moves will be launched with the most straightforward operation. Players only need to touch the object that needs to be destroyed for the knights to attack. With the first game screen, players will not need to manipulate much, even the way forward. If the player reacts in a different direction, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you need to correct and pay more attention to the following levels to avoid making mistakes because monsters with great destructive power will appear.

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Possessing many precious treasures

This battle journey will last to help you discover many new things. Along the way to destroy evil monsters, players will encounter treasure chests. It will contain a lot of gold and silver and even diamonds. If you want to own them, don’t ignore them. Collect them. It also includes items that support the knights’ strength when fighting. Your character will quickly destroy the evil creatures in the Magic World.

Use powerful magic

If the attacks defeat the monster, you need to use magic to meet the mighty dragon. That is the last move for you to bring victory to your kingdom. Each campaign will be a fascinating journey. So never miss it. Download Magic World mod to protect your beloved land from fierce monsters.

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