Lionheart 2.3.1 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/One hit kill)

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NameLionheart APK
PublisherEmerald City Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/One hit kill
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Lion is a powerful animal in the jungle world. Almost all animals are somewhat shy in the face of lions. The physique and charisma whether of this animal can not be underestimated. Therefore, the lion has become a symbol of wild power. It does not plot tricks like wolves and foxes. The lion is always bright and righteous and strives to accomplish its goals. Therefore, manufacturers especially like to use the lion as an image to represent the righteous side. A typical example is the game Lionheart – a product from Emerald City Games. Let’s explore the battle of iron hearts in this game.

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Download Lionheart mod – Defend the kingdom from the eternal army

The sun is the light source that illuminates everything during the day. Without it, the earth would not be as green as it is today. Meanwhile, the moon brings gentleness at night to balance the sun’s glare. Thanks to the soft white light of the moon, how sweet and romantic the night becomes. However, in Lionheart, a black moon is slowly rising. This is a harbinger of an impending disaster. The bad guys from the dark have gradually appeared to start a war. You must save the kingdom. Don’t let evil people besiege this world. Prove the power of the mighty lion heart today.

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The opponent, the player, must face the eternal army of Mirror. This is a non-trivial force because they include many horny and highly complex components. Be it cursed elves, bandits, or hideous monsters. To be able to complete this great mission, players need to find companions. In Lionheart, there are more than 170 heroes for you to combine. Summon them, so they all become an inseparable army. The righteous side will triumph over evil if you have unity. In addition, you can also clash with other players from around the world. Don’t be afraid of any challenge.

Lionheart mod apk

Cooperate with heroes

Once summoned and unlocked, the heroes will be in your possession. Quickly send them to battle to fight the forces of darkness. Each hero has their own story. If you discover each person’s personality and abilities, using people will be much more convenient. Guardian heroes often possess great damage power. Meanwhile, magicians possess magical spells. Lionheart is also regularly updated and added many new heroes. They are divided into different categories as legendary heroes, epic heroes, and rare heroes. There are five elements to summon heroes: Dark, Gaea, Wyld, Mirror, and Elemental.

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Make weapons more powerful

For the heroes to fight better, it is impossible not to help them equip the necessary weapons. In Lionheart, players can join a Guild. After leveling up the Titan Guild, the heroes will significantly boost their strength. In addition, you can upgrade heroes with their pets. It could be a fierce and loyal wolf, for example. Before making a choice, you will be fully tracked the stats of each animal. Each pet species has different attributes, and so do the heroes. You can choose the most suitable people to form a team through attributes. This depends on the leadership of a strategist, who is you.

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Multi-season PVP tournament

Lionheart has organized a lot of big matches. They are held weekly by tournaments. You will face many different opponents in the arena. Here, you will have another mission instead of fighting the army of darkness. Defeat enemy heroes to get prizes. You need to prove that the hero team you summon is invincible. Lionheart hosts a season that lasts for four weeks. Heroes and pets will also appear for a limited time. Besides tournaments, Lionheart also has many exciting activities for players to experience, for example, weekly events. It is organized to welcome new heroes or maps.

Lionheart is a role-playing fighting game that you should not miss. With a compelling storyline, Lionheart can awaken every fighting cell inside you. The diverse army of heroes with new tournaments is also a plus in this game. The attack effects are highly eye-catching and epic every time you fight. Lionheart is made for ages seven and up. Download Lionheart mod and fight to repel the forces of darkness.

Download Lionheart MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/One hit kill) for Android

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