Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer MOD APK 3.02 (Menu PRO/Unlimited ammo/High damage/No reload)

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NameLet’s Kill Jeff The Killer APK
PublisherPoison Games
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited ammo/High damage/No reload
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer is one of the most famous creepypastas on the internet. And more and more games are based on this character; the most famous is Let’s Kill Jeff, The Killer. This game has been released to the fourth chapter with many new details being updated. A brief about Jeff, this is a serial killer made famous thanks to urban legends on the internet many years ago. In Let’s Kill Jeff, The Killer, you and other players will work together to defeat this sick man. At the same time, hiding from pursuit while alone and focusing on using traps and tricks to kill him back, the rush in each chase will be pushed up very high.

Lets Kill Jeff The Killer mod

Download Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer mod – Kill scary serial killers

The game takes you into a dark, ruined city. There’s no reason why you’re here. Go around the city looking for weapons. They are scattered all over the city. You need them because you are about to confront a so-called serial killer. That’s Jeff The Killer here and scouring the world looking for players. If playing alone, this will be a tense chase. The killer will chase you whenever you appear in front of him. At the same time, you have to find a way to destroy him when careless.

Use Joystick to move the character around the map. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across valuable weapons. Collect them to be able to defend yourself at any time. Jeff The Killer’s appearance is purely coincidental. So he can be right behind you at any time. The killer always moves intelligently at a breakneck speed. But if you quickly attack him, the speed will decrease significantly. It was the right time to run away as quickly as possible. The player’s main task is to collect eight hearts and unlock the portal of space. Find a way out of this dark city with no way out.

Lets Kill Jeff The Killer mod apk

Use a variety of weapons

Weapons are essential to attacking a killer and defending yourself from his pursuit. You will not have a weapon when you enter the game screen. They only appear on the map, and you will go around looking for them. The sticks with good damage are used for defense. The guns, from essential to heavy guns, have limited ammunition. Melee weapons will help you push away Jeff when he is approaching. An arsenal with enough ammo to keep him away from you for a long time. However, pay close attention to how Jeff The Killer moves. Check every angle and make sure he’s not hiding behind you.

Lets Kill Jeff The Killer mod apk free

Gate to another world

Jeff The Killer is famous for his ability to kill people without blinking and his disgusting brutality. That’s why in the process of fleeing, you will see a lot of hearts from the people he killed lying on the map. Collect them to serve your escape. We will use eight hearts to activate portals to other worlds when we collect them. This is a way for you to complete your level. Or, more directly and realistically, find a way to destroy the killer with weapons. That won’t be easy if you don’t find too many weapons. Luck is also an equally important factor.

Lets Kill Jeff The Killer mod free

Dramatic escape with friends

When playing Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer alone, the player will feel extremely tense because you and the killer are chasing each other continuously without stopping. However, when playing with friends, the atmosphere will completely change. It will be a fun game between you and everyone. Together they will focus on killing the killer. Or split up and collect hearts to unlock the portal of space. Trying to coordinate when a killer is chasing a member. Or tease your friends while exchanging weapons to your advantage. You have hundreds of ways to simultaneously make Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer a dramatic and funny game.

Lets Kill Jeff The Killer free

Hide from a serial killer with secret weapons found in ruined buildings. Search for hearts to activate the portal to another world. Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer mod will be one game that pushes the player’s stress and hustle to the highest state. However, it can also be a game that brings a lot of laughter to you and your friends.

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