Laser Crush MOD APK 1.2.7 (High offline rewards)

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NameLaser Crush APK
PublisherArarat Games
MOD FeaturesHigh offline rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Are you looking for a game to relieve stress after working and studying time? Then Laser Crush mod is an option that can help you solve this. The game will bring you to a world where you can freely smash and release the suppressed emotions in your body with an eye-catching space system made up of floating balls. Players will be flooded with explosions created by themselves. Try to get the highest score to conquer the top levels in the game. A game with many players must undoubtedly have its attractions. With Laser Crush, let’s learn the factors that make up success through the following essential features.

Laser Crush mod android

Download Laser Crush mod – Conquer the balls

In Laser Crush, you will see a lot of floating balls that catch your eye when entering the game. They do not appear by accident. Those are the things that players have to conquer. You will notice that each ball contains numbers. What does it mean? This must be the question that pops up in the mind of every gamer when first coming to Laser Crush. These numbers are the target, so you know when you have destroyed the ball. When the player performs the ball shooting operations, these numbers will fall to the ground. Only when it becomes zero can you get rid of that ball.

Laser Crush mod apk

In Laser Crush, the skill factor plays a key role. It is the factor that helps you to complete the level quickly and efficiently. The ability to observe and adjust coordinates accurately always brings high scores. This gameplay is very familiar in shooting games like Angry Bird or other music games. But in Laser Crush, you will approach a completely different environment and object. Each level in the game requires the player to disappear the number of balls and reach a specific score. When you pass the requirements, you will continue to the challenge of more incredible difficulty.

Laser Crush mod

Creat your hero

The journey to conquer the balls is also the process of creating your heroes. Those are the ultimate ball-shooting heroes. The achievement that each gamer achieves is a factor in realizing who is good and talented. There is always an achievement leaderboard for players with the top results. However, Laser Crush is not a rivalry game of the action game genre. But the race for the championship title in this game is equally fierce and tense. Leaders are always those who have tried and tried their best. Are you strong enough to conquer this noble position? It’s all in the actions that you create.

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Weapons with strong destructive effect

Laser Crush also gives players a choice of weapons. It’s not just a monotonous weapon. Understand that this will make players feel bored. That’s why the game company has tried to add several different weapons. With four unique weapons, players can alternately use to bring the highest efficiency. These weapons are capable of manual control or can also be left in idle firing mode. Which method to choose is up to the player to decide.

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Conquer more than 170 levels

Don’t think it’s a simple shooting game. Laser Crush offers a full range of levels, from easy to difficult for you to try. More than 170 levels will be exciting matches that you will have a hard time experiencing all of them. Each level is a progressive change. You will need time and failure on the way to completing each ladder. Download Laser Crush mod to conquer the balls with the ability to observe and accurately finish through the weapon system.

Download Laser Crush MOD APK (High offline rewards) for Android

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