King of Defense Premium 1.8.94 MOD APK (Unlimited money, Crystals, Runes/Unlocked)

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NameKing of Defense Premium APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Crystals, Runes/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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You take on the hero role in the King of Defense Premium premium version of monster attacks. The battles do not end, maintaining the dramatic moments to the end. You are looking for new opportunities, be it fighting or escaping. Every detail comes to you most unexpectedly, the actions also prove your talent. Do not be subjective in any situation, challenges will appear suddenly. Let’s welcome the fierce battles between heroes and monsters. Terrible fighting scenes suffered a lot of damage, but there was no other way. You are carrying out your mission, protecting peace for the world.

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Download King of Defense Premium mod – Combine turrets to fight

King of Defense Premium fights mainly thanks to towers with unique abilities. You need to combine 2 types of towers to produce a great product with enough power to beat the opponent. The amount of ammo you load does not know how much is enough because it depends on whether the monster is strong or weak. So many choices for an intelligent strategy, are you observant enough to realize this? Playing strategically will always keep you safe, no matter how fierce the counterattack, you will surely win. Take control of your actions, make informed decisions, and have no regrets. Always show steadfastness in the face of the opponent’s storms for each player.

Each tower has its characteristics, they possess different abilities. When you own them you have the right to choose and coordinate as long as creating breakthrough power. An epic adventure is featuring outstanding heroes and truly top-notch tactical challenges. King of Defense Premium honors players with detailed plans and goals. Those people always know how to stand out from the crowd and win absolute victory. Your kingdom needs immediate protection, just a few turns of challenge can cause colossal damage. Fight with turrets, and generate the most powerful energy to confront monsters.

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Hero system

Heroes are as diverse as turrets. King of Defense Premium launches a whole collection, selecting the most popular characters to attend. Each has its perks, weapons that come with mutant powers. You need to master these heroes to have the perfect adjustment plan. Don’t forget to upgrade your warriors, they need certain favors. Consolidate talent after each time fighting hard for the kingdom. Accelerate development, and advance to be given more opportunities in battle. Constantly striving for their heroes, they deserve it after every stressful war.

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Conquer the monster

Monsters take on many different shapes, they come from all directions. They are also not the average type when they oppose you in many ways. Fire and bullets are launched continuously, making you unable to dodge, and strongly impacting players. It would be best if you also had quick reflexes compatible with the speed the monster is setting. They create black holes to fool you, but sane enough will notice soon enough. Actively go to the darkest places to conquer the enemy, knowing the energy they possess. At the same time, defeating the bosses will make you noticeably rich. Eliminate all those monsters from this vast world.

King of Defense Premium mod apk


Go to the desert, run through the ice and snow, and feel the sudden change of weather. Or go deep into the forest to conquer enemy hideouts. Each terrain corresponds to the map of King of Defense Premium, which will transform unpredictably to increase its attractiveness. Each world you set foot in will have specific difficulties but will be overcome. The space changes and the situation is even more crisis, how to deal with it? You need to rely on the situation of each place to come up with the most optimal plan for existence. The terrain is treacherous, surrounded by pitfalls you must also rush into. Join the hero to set foot in many new lands and expand the war zone.

King of Defense Premium experience many new sensations and spaces. Players choose characters and directly control them to protect their lives. You must hone your skills, especially having a clear strategy for each situation. Sometimes the unique challenges are easy to do but in exchange for not too high a score. Excellence, creativity, and strategy are the evaluation criteria. The number of votes on the vote is getting higher and higher, and reaching the crown goal is not far away. Download the King of Defense Premium mod, master the kingdom, show your strategy in disputes and win prizes.

Download King of Defense Premium MOD APK (Unlimited money, Crystals, Runes/Unlocked) for Android

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